Chapter Activity Reports 2010

Chapter Reports -  2010


Submitted on November 11, 2010 8:33 pm

Chapter Name Beta Iota
College/University Bethel University
Chapter Meetings Our committee of officers and advisors meets biweekly to plan events for the entire year and recruit new members in the fall.
Chapter Activities We start out the beginning of the school year with a station at Bethel's Opportunity Fair so that incoming students are exposed to Sigma Zeta. New member recruitment begins as soon as we begin our biweekly committee meetings. 

The Sigma Zeta Fall Banquet was held on Tuesday, October 29, 2009 in conjunction with Minnesota Microscopy Society. After a delicious dinner featuring Italian Sausage Lasagna, Dr. Russ Palma, from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota gave a presentation entitled "NASA's Genesis and Stardust Missions: Bring the Sun and Comets to Earth." Dr. Palma reported on two recent NASA missions whose goal was to collect solar wind ions which might shed light on the origin of our solar system. His talk was very engaging as he demonstrated the ups and downs of science, and how we can learn from unexpected results. It was an excellent time of affirming the scientific process and was very applicable to the broad spectrum of science and math students in attendance. 

We always spend a Saturday morning in the fall doing service projects for two donors to our chapter. This year we stacked firewood and moved outdoor furniture into storage before winter set in. 

On Friday, November 20, 2009, we traveled to the World Headquarters of Medtronic, Inc., for a tour of the facilities including the technology center and a talk describing some of their many products. Metronic is the largest medical device company in the world, employing 38,000 people world-wide and manufacturing over 200 products, most of which are implantable devices including pacemakers and defibrillators, stents, spinal fixation products, neurostimulators, and therapy delivery pumps. A total of 19 students and two faculty advisors attended the tour and dinner afterward was provided by Sigma Zeta. 

This year the Beta Iota chapter began a tradition of SciMath Movie Nights. These aimed to offer interesting science topics in the context of a fun movie, also providing members a venue to interact with each other. Movie nights were generally held on a weeknight from 7:00-9:30pm in a room with a projector that had been reserved ahead of time. Snacks and pop were provided. Movie topics were cycled through the scientific disciplines (e.g. Bio -> Math -> Physics -> ... ). Movies chosen included: Gattaca, A Beautiful Mind, and The Elegent Universe (two installments). We also had a Sigma Zeta t-shirt design competition and sold quite a few shirts that have the Sigma Zeta insignia on the front and the words "I think, therefore I am dangerous" on the back. 

A few Sigma Zetans participated as judges in a local elementary school science fair, which involved a time commitment of a few hours one evening in the spring semester. This provided a good way for students to interact with the surrounding community in a way relevant to their majors, while also giving elementary students exposure to college students pursuing science. 

Our spring banquet was held on March 8, 2010 and we were privileged to host Dr. David Bressoud,DeWitt Wallace Professor of Mathematics at Macalester College and President of the Mathematical Association of America. He presented a talk about Srinivasa Ramanujan, 1887-1920, a brilliant mathematician from southern India who taught himself most of the mathematics he knew. The talk described his tragically short life, his collaboration with G. H. Hardy, some of his work in mathematics, and the rediscovery of his "Lost Notebook" in 1976. We enjoyed a delicious dinner that featured Burgundy Beef Tips. 

Our final activity of the school year was a trip to Science Museum of Minnesota on Saturday, May 8, 2010 by a group of 20 Sigma Zetans including three faculty members and a few family members. The main attraction was to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, which was fascinating, but some of the group also had time to enjoy other areas in the museum.
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition  
National Convention Attendance The Beta Iota chapter attended the national convention in March at Campbellsville University in Kentucky. The attendees were Dr. Keith Stein, Dr. Bob Kistler, Jack Houlton, Sarah Kaiser, and Nathan Youngblood. The excursion to the mammoth cave system was an interesting and informative activity.
National Convention Presentations Jack Houlton and Nathan Youngblood gave a poster presentation entitled "Imaging Techniques Applied to a Supersonic Shock Tunnel" and Sarah gave a talk entitled "Toward an Understanding of Toroidal Microcavity QED".
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  
Other Sorry this is late! Some of us were new to leadership last spring and did not realize we were supposed to get this in at that time.
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Chapter Name Alpena Community College
College/University Alpena Community College
Chapter Meetings 2-3 chapter meeting were held each semester to plan activities.
Chapter Activities In the fall, we provided valet parking, coat check, and helped with food service for the military ball at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center. This provided an opportunity to interact with the community and earn some money. 

We went on a fall trip to the Soo Locks and Edison Saulte Electric's hydroelectric power plant, receiving excellent tours of both. 

In the spring, we helped with the regional Science Olympiad Tournament. We visited the Detroit Science Center in May.
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition 16 new members were inducted during the 2009-2010 school year. 

Member Angela Hood was recognized with the Math, Chemistry, and Physics awards.
National Convention Attendance  
National Convention Presentations  
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  
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Chapter Meetings

Biweekly meetings to discuss events for Sigma Zeta.

Chapter Activities

*Serve Day Symposium Fair - Information booth for new members 
*Sigma Zeta Ice Cream Social - Root Beer social for mingling between new members and current members. 
*Thanksgiving Dinner - Thanksgiving dinner to get to know professors better 
*Finals Christmas Break - Provided food and drink to Sigma Zeta members who needed a break from studying.
*Game Night - Playing games at a professor's house 
*Movie Night - Movie night at a professor's house 
*Senior Banquet - Celebrating the achievements of the senior class

Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition


National Convention Attendance

Attended by Jennifer Salame

National Convention Presentations


National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions




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Chapter Meetings Our first meeting was held in October 2009 and we held monthly meetings through May 2010
Chapter Activities Our activities were as follows; 

1. Bake Sale/Flea Market held on December 8th, 2010 at Marygrove College for the purposes of raising funds to send students to the Sigma Zeta National Convention in Campbellsville, KY. Donations of baked goods, books and household items were received. We raised $350.53. Unsold items were donated to the Salvation Army. 

2. Screening of Documentary Blue Gold Water Wars on the Marygrove College Campus on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2010. Approximately 40 people were in attendance at the event. 

3. Induction ceremony and reception at Marygrove College on June 12th, 2010 with the following new members inducted into the Beta Upsilon chapter. 

Ryan Beauregard 
Davon Bryant 
LeAnna Donegan 
Ashli Ester 
Krysta Haggins 
Khadijah Hailey-Christopher 
Kiara Kelley 
Jordan Largent 
Shannon Pietruszka 
Ebony Richardson 
Mazen Youssef 

4. Tree Dedication Ceremony on Marygrove College Campus, June 12th, 2010. A Purple Flowering Plum Tree was planted and dedicated to the memory of Ava Rodgers a charter member of the Beta Upsilon Chapter founded in April 2009. Ava was tragically killed in an automobile accident. Her family and friends were present at the ceremony. 

5. Participation in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life June 19th, 2010 on the campus of Marygrove College 

Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition Jay Biernat directs the Peer Mentoring Program in the Science and Mathematics Department at Marygrove College. His duties include academic enrichment and advancement of students studying mathematics and science at the college. Jay heads the tutoring center and holds workshops for students. During summer 2010 Jay is a Program Coordinator for the River Raisin Institute, the institute promotes sustainable community development. In this capacity Jay develops and coordinates workshops, events, film series and children's programming related to sustainability. 

Lloyd Weishap is a tutor for approximately 40 Detroit high school students, all of whom have special needs. As the curriculum director, he plans individualized lessons and activities for each of the students and also chooses developmentally appropriate, high interest reading materials for the students (such as African-American history, celebrities, and scientists /inventors). Lloyd says "Although I spend quite a bit of my personal time locating books and designing activities, this is proving to be a highly rewarding experience for me that I enjoy very much. The students are a pleasure to work with!" 

Semaj Wilson, Chelsea Lulham, Lloyd Weishap , Krysta Haggins, Amanda Zapata and Ryan Beauregard, regularly tutor students in biology, chemistry and mathematics in the Science and Mathematics Department tutoring center. These students are recruited and hired by the Marygrove College Science and Math Department because of their outstanding academic performance in the subjects they are tutoring. 

The following members were recognized for academic excellence and outstanding achievement at the Marygrove College Honors Convocation on March 28th, 2010 

Arts and Sciences Division 
Science and Mathematics Department 

Lloyd Weishap was awarded the Antoinette Joiner Award awarded to an outstanding mathematics student. 

Carla Sims was awarded The Science Department Award awarded to an outstanding science student. 

Krysta Haggins was awarded The Sister Suzanne Fleming, IHM Scholarship awarded to a deserving women majoring in science. Krysta was also awarded the CRC Press Achievement Award for a student who has achieved outstanding academic success in the first year chemistry sequence. 

Ashli Ester was awarded The Maria Kostecke Murphy Scholarship awarded to a deserving woman majoring in mathematics. 

Education Division 

Lloyd Weishap was awarded the Educational Teaching Scholarship for a student in education who is also a pre-student teacher and has the highest GPA. 

High Honors and Awards College Wide 

Chelsea Lulham was awarded The Sister John Clement Hungerman, IHM Scholarship awarded to a junior who exemplifies Sister Hungermans' interests and ideals. 

Lloyd Weishap was awarded the Shay Family Scholarship awarded to a student who has demonstrated interest in effecting positive change in the Detroit community, with a stated commitment to remain in the Detroit area after graduation. 

Amanda Zapata was awarded the St. Catherine Medal/Marygrove College Scholarship awarded to a junior who has performed outstanding service to the College or has established the best record for progressive achievement. 
National Convention Attendance National Convention Presentations 
Four members and two faculty co-advisors (Dr. Don Rizzo and Dr. Mary Lynam) travelled to Campbellsville University in March 2010 to attend the national convention. 
National Convention Presentations Jay Biernat gave an oral presentation titled 

"Soil and Vegetation Survey: Asylum Lake Property, Kalamazoo, MI" 

Semaj Wilson gave an oral presentation titled " 

"A Comparison of Henna Dye as a More Effective Procedure for the Development of Fingerprints Versus the Usage Of Iodine Fuming, Iodine Fuming with Silica Gel Packs and Ninhydrin" 

Carla Sims gave an oral presentation titled 
"The Effects of Elevated Temperature on Fingerprint Identification on Porous and Nonporous surfaces" 
Lloyd Weishap presented a poster titled 

"The Marygrove Weather Station Project: Using Technology to Teach Students". 
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions The following Beta Upsilon members were inducted into Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. 

Jay Biernat 
Jacqueline Chevalier 
Eleanor Ivey 
Chelsea Lulham 
Lloyd Weishap. 
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Chapter Meetings We had an officers meeting on April 25, 2010 to make plans for the induction ceremony and banquet. 

We had a full chapter meeting on April 19, 2010 where we elected officers for the 2010/2011 school year.
Chapter Activities On Friday April 30, we inducted 11 new members into our chapter and had a very successful induction ceremony and banquet.
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition  
National Convention Attendance  
National Convention Presentations  
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  
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Chapter Meetings 21-Sep-09, 19-Oct-09, 19-Nov-09, 10-Dec-09, 28-Jan-10, 2-Mar-10, 8-Apr-10, 29-Apr-10
Chapter Activities 09FA Initiation 
10SP Initiation 
09-10 Year End Picnic
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition None
National Convention Attendance None.
National Convention Presentations NA
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions None.
Other Assisted ACS in the Regional Science Olympiad Competition.
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Chapter Meetings The Rho chapter of Sigma Zeta, located at the University of Indianapolis began the 2009-2010 school year inducting 13 new members, bringing the total number of members to 49. The five officers have weekly meetings to discuss new ideas to present to members and to organize upcoming events. The officers held member meetings throughout the year as deemed necessary. We held about one meeting a month and members had an option to attend one of two different meeting times. The topic of each meeting included new chapter business, goals for the year, service ideas and other activity ideas. This year there was a desire for an increase in the number of service projects done. As a group, we were able to accomplish this goal.
Chapter Activities The Rho chapter sponsored many activities that focused on service and community enrichment. In September, members participated in the Super Saturday of Service that was sponsored by the University of Indianapolis and community partners. Our group of volunteers worked with Catholic Charities to organize supplies, such as furniture, bedding, kitchenware, toiletries, etc. provided for refugee families upon arrival to the Indianapolis area. 
In conjunction with other campus organizations, we participated in the second annual "Pink Week" to raise awareness and money for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer research fund. Members sold pink bracelets and can koozies to raise money. Pink ribbons were also provided for people to recognize loved ones who have been affected by breast cancer. We were able to raise over $200 dollars for this cause. Members will also be participating in the annual Indianapolis "Race for the Cure" in April, also supporting the Susan G. Komen fund. 
To help promote Sigma Zeta and to raise money for future endeavors we sold hot apple cider and caramel apples at a home football game. Shortly after, members participated in the golf cart decoration for the homecoming football game. With the homecoming theme of "Hounds Go Hollywood," our golf cart decoration was based on the movie "Flubber," to set us apart as a science club. To sum up the month of October, Sigma Zeta hosted the second annual Haunted Lab for trick-or-treat night on campus. Members dressed up in costumes, decorated two biology labs, passed out candy, and worked with children to promote fun in science. 
In November, we sponsored a campus-wide shoe drive along with an indoor rock-climbing trip. Members volunteered time to work at a table accepting shoe donations. In recognition of donating shoes, we offered free admission to Climb Time Indy, an indoor rock-climbing facility. We were able to donate four large boxes of shoes to Amvets and take a group of students to participate in a fun activity as well. At the end of November, members worked to decorate the chemistry department offices for Christmas. The decorating contest was associated with a campus-wide Toys for Tots fundraiser to which Sigma Zeta donated toys for children. The theme used by Sigma Zeta was "Chemistry Christmas Carols" and each door was decorated with a different Chemistry Christmas Carol, for example: "The Chemistry Teacher's Coming to Town," "Test Tubes Bubbling," and "Chemistry Wonderland." The decorating contest even prompted one professor to say, "It looks like Christmas threw-up on the chemistry department." 
So far second semester has been focused on working to encourage science education with Indianapolis youth. We worked with the Uindy chapter of College Mentors for Kids and planned biology and chemistry activities and demonstrations for about 100 Indianapolis Public School students from first through eighth grade. A few activities involved were acid/base paper, a lab animal petting zoo, a methanol cannon demonstration, examination of preserved animals, and a discussion of careers offered in the fields of biology and chemistry. The Central Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair is always a huge event for UIndy science students, and Sigma Zeta was proud this year to be involved in all the same ways as other years. For the first time we hosted our own table with interactive science activities for participants from grades first through fifth. Members volunteered to help set up tables, check-in participants, organize awards, and even do some judging. Also recently, as a small fundraiser to assist with a campus-wide Hati relief effort, we colleted money from students in science classes and were able to donate $20 in loose change. 
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition This chapter is proud of its dedicated members and their accomplishments on campus and in the surrounding community. Sigma Zeta has been recognized at different events for their outstanding service. The Rho chapter of Sigma Zeta has exemplified the UIndy motto "Excellence for Service" this year.
National Convention Attendance This year the Rho chapter brought six Sigma Zeta members including members Lacey Eads (president), Samantha Simon (vice president), Katherine Duszynski (secretary), Jessica Arnett (historian) Rebekah Nester, and Rich Kaminski. The chapter advisor, Joe Burnell was in attendance as well.
National Convention Presentations Several members participated in research and field internships, however not all could attend national convention due to other obligations. We were able to bring with us three members to present at convention on the general topics of biochemical research, cell biology and genetics, and plant ecology.
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions This year at convention, we were honored to win the Founders' Cup. This is not the first time Rho chapter has had this honor.
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Chapter Meetings After our recruitment during Club Rush, Sigma Zeta has held biweekly meetings since September to the end of April. Approximately six students attend along with our advisors.
Chapter Activities Sigma Zeta was present at the OLLU's Spirit day. Students volunteered at the Health Fair San Fernando Cathedaral in September. We hosted a "Outside of the Classroom Social" giving the students an opportunity to mingle with many of our science Professors. In October, we continued to show support to the Susan G. Kolman Foundation by selling breast cancer shirts and having a bake sale. Jessica Galloway-Pena an OLLU Alumni joined us to present her project and give the students the 411 of Graduate school. Later that month, many of the members volunteered with the semesterly vOLLUnteer Impact day. We went to paint a local community center. Sigma Zeta was also part of the school's Culture Night by displaying an alter in which we honored Sister Mary Claire Metz, (our science building is in her name). We held a Mardi Gras bake sale with authentic Louisiana king cake during the month of February. Later that month we took a field trip to the Texans Culture Museum to visit the Race Exhibit.
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition Sigma Zeta won the cultural trophy during the school's Culture Night. Sigma Chapter welcomes five new national members for the year of 2009-2010.
National Convention Attendance Three students Estevan Rivas, Alejandra Ramiro, and Sara Medina along with two faculty, Dr. J. Hall and Dr. C. Guffey attended the National Convention in Campbellsville, Kentucky.
National Convention Presentations Estevan Rivas presented Obtaining Images.
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions Sara Medina received an Honor Award.
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Chapter Meetings We have had four chapter meetings and four officer meetings. In our meetings, we had discussions about initiation and national convention. We have had about ten students at each chapter meeting and are slowly increasing our attendance. Lately, we have been doing dinner meetings with food from La Gondola which has increased our attendance. In our science building, we have a case which we keep updated with current events and pictures.
Chapter Activities New member initiation 
Chapter meetings and dinners 
Study tips posters for final exams and midterms
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition Several seniors are graduating with Honors
National Convention Attendance Cassie Jaegar- President 
Lizzy Gabel- Secretary 
Marissa McNelly- Member 
Bradley Day- Member 

Dr. Anne Rammelsberg- Current Sigma Zeta President 
Dr. Harrold Wilkinson- Current Sigma Zeta Historian
National Convention Presentations  
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions Cassie Jaegar was given the Honors Award at National Convention this year.
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Chapter News Annual Report for Beta Xi chapter. 

The Pikeville College chapter, Beta Xi, of Sigma Zeta has not been very active as a whole; however we have been quiet busy as individuals. Three members in particular have had an extremely active year, these members are: Marie Damron, Maranda Elswick, and Kimberly Williams. 
A. Marie Damron has accomplished: 
a. Colonel Lee B. Ledford Awards for Summer 2009 
b. Presented Responses of salamander to simulated environmental vibrations at: 
i. Appalachian College Association Summit (Fall 2009) 
ii. Kentucky Academy of Science (Fall 2009) 
iii. Covering the Ohio River Valley: A Convergence of Scientists and the Media hosted in Louisville by Hanover College (Spring 2010) 
B. Maranda Elswick has completed: 
a. Colonel Lee B. Ledford Awards for Summer 2009 
b. Presented Impacts of surface mining on Asian Clam (Corbicula fluminea) growth and mortality in tributary streams at: 
i. Appalachian College Association Summit Fall 2009 
ii. Kentucky Academy of Science (Fall 2009) 
1. Where she placed second in the poster presentation. 
iii. Covering the Ohio River Valley: A Convergence of Scientists and the Media hosted in Louisville by Hanover College (Spring 2010) 
c. Presented Impacts of surface mining and coal extraction on sediments and water quality in tributary streams in southwestern Virginia and eastern Kentucky at: 
i. Appalachian College Association Summit Fall 2009 
ii. Kentucky Academy of Science (Fall 2009) 
iii. Covering the Ohio River Valley: A Convergence of Scientists and the Media hosted in Louisville by Hanover College (Spring 2010) 

C. Kimberly Williams has: 
a. Colonel Lee B. Ledford Awards for Summer 2009 
b. Presented Isolation of mitochondrial DNA and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to differentiate between Peromyscus leucopus and P. maniculatus using species-specific primers at: 
i. Appalachian College Association Summit Fall 2009 
ii. Kentucky Academy of Science (Fall 2009) 

Some other accomplishments this year included: 
1. 2009. Rose, J. L., K. N. Williams, and J. C. Whittaker. Comparison of cranial characteristics, body measurements, and salivary amylase for differentiation between deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) and white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus). The 2009 Sigma Zeta National Convention. Pikeville, KY. 

2. 2009. Sanders, J. K. and J. C. Whittaker. Small mammal community response to reclamation following mountaintop removal in eastern Kentucky. 52nd Annual Southeastern Region Meeting of Beta Beta Beta held jointly with the 17th Annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists, Birmingham, AL. 

3. 2009. Sanders, J. K. and J. C. Whittaker. Small mammal community response to reclamation following mountaintop removal in eastern Kentucky. The 2009 Sigma Zeta National Convention. Pikeville, KY. 

4. 2009. Williams, K. N., J. L. Rose, and J. C. Whittaker. A comparison of cellulose acetate electrophoresis and morphological measurements for identification of Deer Mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) and White-footed Mice (P. leucopus) in eastern Kentucky and northwestern Minnesota. 52nd Annual Southeastern Region Meeting of Beta Beta Beta held jointly with the 17th Annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists, Birmingham, AL.

5. 2009. Williams, K. N., J. L. Rose, and J. C. Whittaker. Presence, distribution and habitat of white-footed Mice (Peromyscus leucopus) and deer mice (P. maniculatus) in eastern Kentucky and northwestern Minnesota. The 2009 Sigma Zeta National Convention. Pikeville, KY. 

6. Multiple Members have volunteered at local hospitals, nursing homes, and other community events. Some of the places we volunteered are" 
a. Pikeville Medical Center 
b. The free health in Grundy, VA. held by Remote Area Medical. 

7. We also have at least five members attending Medical School in the fall of 2010. 

As a whole our club has done a fundraiser, and held inductions; but as you can see we have been too busy to do much else. 
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