Chapter Activity Reports 2011

Chapter Reports - 2011


Submitted on September 6, 2011 3:34 pm

Chapter Name Sigma Alpha
College/University Dakota Wesleyan University
Chapter Meetings None.
Chapter Activities None.
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition Initiated new members at our annual Honors Convocation by presenting them with their certificate and enameled pin. All inductees were listed in the program which will be archived for future generations.
National Convention Attendance None.
National Convention Presentations None.
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions None.
Other I apologize for the tardiness of this report.
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Submitted on May 26, 2011 12:01 pm

Chapter Name Beta
College/University McKendree University
Chapter Meetings We held bi-monthly meetings during the 2010-2011 school year, and I plan to continue this meeting schedule in the 2011 - 2012 school year. 

During the meetings, we discussed various aspects of the school year; e.g., National Convention, Fundraising Projects, Fellowship Events.
Chapter Activities The Beta Chapter of Sigma Zeta holds fundraisers, judges two science fairs at local schools, and various other events throughout the school year.
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition  
National Convention Attendance Dr. Jellen, Jordan Finch, Daniel LaMaster, Kelli Lewis, Kaitlyn Kollman, Jason Rust and Carrie Schumacher attended the national convention.
National Convention Presentations Jordan Finch and Carrie Schumacher presented at the National Convention.
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions Our chapter received the National Honor Award at the National Convention.
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Submitted on May 20, 2011 12:59 pm

Chapter Name Beta Alpha
College/University Lyndon State College
Chapter Meetings Monthly meetings held on first or secone Thursday of a month.
Chapter Activities Fall Semester 
Soccer game fundraiser: sold hot dogs, chips, soda, and water on sideline of the field during a few of our school's soccer games. 
"Quest for the Nest" High School Quiz Bowl: local high schools brought in teams to compete in a quiz bowl competition, with the winning school receiving a trophy. Over $300 in profit. 
Bake Sale: sold homemade brownies and cookies in the school theater lobby. 

Spring Semester 
"Guess the Girth": competitors guess the circumference of the ice tower on campus, with the closest guess receiving half the collected money. 
Science Fair: students from local schools present their science fair projects to a panel of judges from our chapter. 
"Penny Wars": empty jars representing all 30 campus clubs are filled with pennies by those who support a club, and filled with other change/dollars by those against a club. Club with most points received pizza party. 
Spring Science Trip: active members took a three day trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, entirely funded by chapter fundraising. Purpose of trip was to explore different aspects of sciences, as well as celebrate being members of Sigma Zeta. 
Induction Ceremony: 31 new members inducted to our chapter, and four new executive board members elected. 
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition Sigma Zeta Research Award: Michael Muccilli 
Fairbanks Scales Academic Achievement Award: Michael Muccilli
National Convention Attendance  
National Convention Presentations  
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  
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Submitted on May 5, 2011 3:05 pm

Chapter Name Alpena Community College
College/University Alpena Community College
Chapter Meetings Monthly chapter meetings were held with extra meetings around induction and science olympiad.
Chapter Activities Our chapter provided valet parking, coat check, and worked as food servers at the military ball at the local Air National Guard base in the fall. 

In the spring, we helped run events at the regional science olympiad tournement and took a tour of the Chevy Silverado plant in Flint, Michigan. 

Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition 15 student members and one new faculty member were inducted this year.
National Convention Attendance  
National Convention Presentations  
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  
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Submitted on April 26, 2011 10:23 am

Chapter Name Alpha Eta
College/University Olivet College
Chapter Meetings We only met once after our initial re-activation induction of new members. We decided to elect officers and set an agenda for 2011-12 early in our fall semester. We are considering sending a few representatives to the 2012 national convention.
Chapter Activities  
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition  
National Convention Attendance  
National Convention Presentations  
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  
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Submitted on March 24, 2011 5:13 pm

Chapter Name Beta Xi
College/University Pikeville College
Chapter Meetings 10-7-10: Introduced new members, new officers, discussed research deadlines, trip 
details, and service projects 
11-17-10: Discusses research grants, future graduate information and presentations 
2-1-11: Discussed a recycling project, induction ceremony details, trip details 
3-21-11: Induction of new members, discussed trip details
Chapter Activities Volunteered at the RAM Health Clinic in Grundy, VA. Students participated in the Haunted Lab fundraiser. Students also volunteered to help run the Science Olympiad, a science and math state competition for middle to high school students.
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition We inducted 11 new members and welcomed one new faculty member to both Pikeville College and our Sigma Zeta chapter.
National Convention Attendance We have 21 people attending the conference, 3 faculty, 15 members, and 3 nonmembers.
National Convention Presentations We have 3 students presenting independent research projects: Maranda Elswick, Emily Holbrook, and Robert Cline.
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  
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Submitted on January 23, 2012 10:53 pm

Chapter Name Rho (chapter report for 2010-2011)
College/University University of Indianapolis

Chapter Meetings The Rho chapter of Sigma Zeta, located at the University of Indianapolis, began the 2009-2010 school year inducting 25 new members, bringing the total number of members to 64. The five officers have weekly meetings to discuss new ideas to present to members and to organize upcoming events. The officers held member meetings throughout the year as deemed necessary. We held about one meeting a month and members had an option to attend one of two different meeting times. The topic of each meeting included new chapter business, goals for the year, service ideas and other activity ideas. This year there was a desire for an increase in the number of service projects done. As a group, we were able to accomplish this goal.

Chapter Activities The Rho chapter sponsored many activities that focused on service and community enrichment. In conjunction with other campus organizations, we participated in the third annual "Pink Week" to raise awareness and money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer research fund. Members sold pink bracelets and test tubes filled with Nerds candy to raise money. Pink ribbons were also provided for people to recognize loved ones who have been affected by breast cancer. We were able to raise over $70 dollars for this cause. To help promote Sigma Zeta and to raise money for future endeavors we sold hot apple cider and homemade chili at two home football games. Many members volunteered to get supplies, cook, and also sell the chili at the games. We raised a total of $400 for both football games. 
Members also participated in the golf cart decoration for the homecoming football game. With the homecoming theme of "Home is Where the Hounds Are," our golf cart decoration was based on the design of Lilly Science Hall, which houses the science and math departments. To sum up the month of October, Sigma Zeta hosted the third annual Haunted Lab for trick-or-treat night on campus. Members dressed up in costumes, decorated labs, passed out candy, and worked with children to promote fun in science. In November, members collected perishable food, hats, and gloves to donate to IPS (Indiana Public School) #114. We also focused on working to encourage science education by working with the UIndy chapter of College Mentors for Kids and planning biology and chemistry activities and demonstrations for about 100 Indianapolis Public School students from first through eighth grade. A few activities involved were acid/base paper, a lab animal petting zoo, a methanol cannon demonstration, examination of preserved animals, and a discussion of careers offered in the fields of biology and chemistry. For second semester, we completed a Trash Clean Up Project around campus in an effort to help beautify the surrounding area. 
Chapter/Member Accomplishtments, Awards, Recognition This chapter is proud of its dedicated members and their accomplishments on campus and in the surrounding community. Sigma Zeta has been recognized at different events for their outstanding service. The Rho chapter of Sigma Zeta has exemplified the UIndy motto "Excellence for Service" this year.

National Convention Attendance This year the Rho chapter brought six Sigma Zeta members including members Samantha Simon (president), Christine Kolodziejski (vice president), Stefanie Percival (secretary), Tirzah Brown (historian), Cade Hall (treasurer), Krista Podell, and David Lopez. The chapter advisor, Joe Burnell was in attendance as well.

National Convention Presentations Several members participated in research and field internships, however not all could attend national convention due to other obligations. We were able to bring with us two members to present at convention on the general topics of biochemical research, cell biology and genetics, and 
plant ecology. 

National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions This year at convention, one of our members, Krista Podell, was awarded Best Poster.

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