Recruiting and Inducting New Members

Recruiting members and determining eligibility. Two methods are commonly employed to recruit new members: (a) Invitations extended to those known to be eligible and (b) general invitations to the student body (or appropriate departments) requesting applications from students who believe that they are eligible. The latter approach generally takes less time. Application forms that clearly list the membership requirements tend to be self-selecting. You can request that students include the appropriate GPAs on the membership application and those individuals that are near the borderline can easily be checked. See example of a membership application form.

When to induct new members. New members are generally recruited at the beginning of the fall and spring semester. In the spring semester, allow sufficient time to process the forms and assure that students planning to attend the National Convention have been inducted into Sigma Zeta.

The induction ceremony – see Initiation of New Members into Local Chapter

Advertising on campus for new members. Recruitment methods will vary from campus to campus. Many institutions have student newspapers or other printed channels to communicate with the student body. Campus radio and/or TV may also be used. Announcements may be posted on a Sigma Zeta bulletin board and/or distributed to faculty to announce in their classes. Figure out what works for you and then use it. Personal invitations given to outstanding students remain the most effective recruitment tool.