Welcome Gamma Mu, Baptist College of Health Sciences

Gamma Mu Charter Photo

Baptist College of Health Sciences, Memphis, TN was installed as a new chapter of Sigma Zeta on Nov 5, 2015.

The installation ceremony was officiated by Sigma Zeta Executive Director, Dr Jim Hall.

 Minutes of the Installation:

The Installation of Gamma Mu Chapter of Sigma Zeta at Baptist College of Health Sciences November 5, 2015

Under the direction Dr. James Hall, the Gamma Mu Chapter of Sigma Zeta was installed on November 5, 2015

The event was opened by Dr. Barry Schultz who welcomed the attendees and spoke briefly about our math and science curriculum. Dr. Kendricks Hooker introduced the Executive Director of Sigma Zeta and thanked him for the help he has given us starting our new chapter. Dr. Lisa Hight was introduced as the conductor of the ceremony, Dr. James Hall as the Chairperson and Patty Liddell as the recorder.

The meeting was officially called to order by Dr. James Hall in room 120 of the main building at Baptist College of Health Sciences at 5:15 pm

Dr. Hall then proceeded to install the chapter by welcoming the faculty members from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics into Membership.

Ms Michelle Alexander in absentia, Dr. Charity Brannen in absentia, Dr. Gregory Freeman in absentia, Dr. Kendricks Hooker, Ms Patty Liddell, Ms Michelle McDonald in absentia, Dr. Lilian Ogari, Dr. Hurley Shepherd, Dr. Barry Schultz, Dr. Lucia Vanderpool in absentia and Dr. Gregory Vieira.

Dr. Hall explained some of the symbolism of the organization at this time. The faculty were given certificates and pins.

Dr. Hall and Dr. Hight then welcomed the collegiate charter members of the organization to membership with a certificate and a pin. These students included:

Samantha Boothe in absentia, William Curry, Reneishia Dogan, Narmin Gilani, Katelyn Hazelgrove, Sarah Johnson, Cassidy Moore, Sarah Smith, Lauren Vance, Taylor Wisdom

Dr. Hall explained more of the symbols of the organization.

Dr. Jim Hall presented the history of Sigma Zeta with a power point presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm and refreshments were served.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patty W. Liddell
Reporter for the Installation Ceremony