2016 Constitution Proposed Changes

Sigma Zeta Key

January 26, 2016
For vote at the March 31 – April 2, 2016 Convention

NOTE:  These proposed changes are supported by the Executive Council following discussion at their November 14, 2015 meeting
See Article VII. Section 4 and Article XIII. below for rules on changes to Constitution



Section 1.  The Society.  The Society of Sigma Zeta shall consist of the Executive Council and the collegiate or associate chapters as chartered. 

Section 2.  National Chapter.  A National Chapter shall be organized during the annual convention.  The National Chapter shall consist of the Executive Council and all collegiate or associate chapter members attending the convention.

Section 3.  Executive Council.  The Executive Council shall consist of a President, President-elect, Past President, Executive Director, Treasurer, Publicist, Historian, and Webmaster, and Student Representative. The members of the Council shall be elected by delegates of the National Chapter during the annual convention and will begin service at the time of election.  The President shall be elected to serve for three years, first as President-elect, then the following year as President and then as Past President.  The Past President, President, and President-elect may not succeed themselves except in the event an eligible successor is not available; and in no event shall these officers serve more than two successive terms in the same office.  The Executive Director, Treasurer, Publicist, Historian, and Webmaster may be elected to successive terms.  The Student Representative shall be elected to serve for one year.   

Section 4.  No person shall be eligible to election to a national office other than an alumnus or a faculty member of the society, with the exception of the Student Representative, who must be a current active member of the society.



Section 1.  The National Chapter shall be the supreme governing body of the Society, and in the interim between conventions, the Executive Council shall perform this duty.

Section 2.  A National Convention shall be held annually at such time and place as the National Chapter may decide.

Section 3.  Upon all matters except the election of officers and amendments to the constitution the delegates to the Convention shall vote as individuals.

Section 4.  Each attending chapter should appoint one of its members as a voting delegate for the purpose of representing the chapter where appropriate.  The election of officers and amendments to the constitution shall be determined by a vote of these delegates at the national convention.

Section 5.  The actions of the National Chapter or the Executive Council are not subjected to ratification by the regular or associate chapters unless otherwise corrected in the constitution.



Section 1.  President.  The duties of the President shall be to enforce and uphold the constitution of the Society, to preside at meetings of the Society, to appoint national committees, and to call, when occasion demands, special meetings of the Executive Council.

Section 2.  President-elect.  The duties of the President-elect shall be to perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of that officer, to function in such positions as assigned by the Executive Council, and to become familiar with the operation of the National Chapter in preparation for assuming the office of President. 

Section 3.  Past President.  The duties of the Past President shall be: to supplement and advise the President, to promote the expansion of the Society through recruitment of new chapters, to reactivate inactive chapters, and to promote regional activities.

Section 4.  Executive Director.  The duties of the Executive Director shall be: (1) to keep a faithful record of all of the proceedings of each meeting; (1) to maintain a complete list of the active and honorary members of the constituent chapters and to issue certificates of membership from the national office; (2) to carry out all correspondence of the society; (3) to select and maintain supplies of appropriate stationary, jewelry and related items which carry the Sigma Zeta logo; (4) to carry out the responsibility of representing the organization in official matters or public relations; and (5) to select and supervise the national office staff.

Section 5.  Treasurer.  The duties of the Treasurer shall be: (1) to keep accurate account of all income, receipts and expenditures; (2) to pay out money as ordered by the National Chapter and the Executive Council; (3) to maintain and submit appropriate non-profit documentation; and (4) to make a written report of said accounting to the Executive Council at each National Convention, where this report will be audited by an appointed committee.

Section 6.  Historian.  The duties of the Historian shall be: (1) to collect material and complete a faithful history of the Society; (2) to be responsible for all books, papers, and writings of the Society committed to his/her care; and (3) to produce the annual edition of the Sigma Zeta scrapbook.

Section 7.  Publicist.  The duties of the Publicist shall be: (1) to edit and supervise the publication of all official papers of the society and (2) to keep a faithful record of all of the proceedings of each meeting.

Section 8.  Webmaster.  The duties of the Webmaster shall be: (1) to maintain and update news, information, pictures, documents, forms, the public chapter and advisor list, National Convention information, and links on the society's web site and (2) to maintain and update the society's e-mail list.

Section 9.  Student Representative.  The duties of the Student Representative shall be: (1) to elicit feedback and suggestions from student and alumni members for improvements to the society; (2) to be a full voting member of the Executive Council; and (3) to be able to serve his/her entire one-year term prior to graduation. 

Section 10.  Each National Officer shall make a report to the National Convention at its annual meeting and an interim report at the business meeting of the Executive Council.



Any proposed amendment to this constitution shall be submitted to the National Executive Council, and if approved by a majority of the Council, shall in turn be submitted to the constituent chapters at least 30 days in advance of the National Convention, at which time this amendment shall be considered for adoption; if approved by two-thirds of the chapters reporting to or represented at the National Convention, it shall be adopted and become immediately effective.