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Chapter Annual Report Form


Date Submitted Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 08:26
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Alpena Community College
School Name Alpena Community College
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Chapter meeting were held monthly with a few extra as needed close to major events such as Science Olympiad, induction, and trips.

Elections and other decisions requiring a vote were done via email to better accommodate various student schedules.  
Chapter Activities We toured the Lafarge -- Alpena Plant in the fall.  Lafarge's plant in Alpena is the world's largest cement plant.  We looked at the quarry, kilns, loading facilities, and power plant.  Our tour was given by Ryan Kapalla, one of our members from years past who went on to earn an engineering degree and is now the Power Plant Supervisor at Lafarge.

In the spring semester, Sigma Zeta members ran one of the events at the Regional Science Olympiad Tournament hosted at Alpena Community College.  Some members also assisted faculty running other events and in a couple of cases ran another event of their own.

Spring Induction ceremony was held April 1 with 4 fall inductees and 6 spring inductees.

At the end of the spring semester, I trip was taken to the Mackinac Bridge and Sault Ste. Marie.  At the bridge, two students were selected to go to the top of the suspension towers.  The remainder of the group went down in the anchorage pier.  We then spent the afternoon in Sault Ste. Marie.  We toured the Sault locks with the area engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers.  We looked at the tunnels under the lock, equipment, control tower, and power plant.  We saw several large lake freighters go through the locks while we were there.  We next toured Cloverland Electric's Hydro Electric Power Plant (Edison Sault).  This half mile long power plant building contains 74 turbines which can produce 30 MW at full capacity.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Sigma Zeta members Brandon Schulte and Brianne Becker were the 2016 winners of the Jesse and Anna Besser awards.  The Besser awards are the highest awards presented to graduating male and female students each year.  Sigma Zeta members have won this award frequently over the 11 years our chapter has existed. 

At ACC's honors breakfast, Brianne Becker was presented with the ACC Math Award, Joshua Wiley was given the Computer Science Award, and Brendan Cordes received the Chemistry and Physics Awards.  No Biology award was given this year.

Brianne Becker is the recipient of the Michigan Mathematical Association of Two Year College (MichMATYC) scholarship.

We had a very high graduation rate among our members in 2015-2016.



Date Submitted Friday, September 16, 2016 - 11:41
Academic Year of Annual Report 2016-2017
Chapter Name Alpha Chi
School Name Eastern University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings August/September 2016: planning meetings to reestablish the honor society at Eastern University; leadership meetings to plan for the year
Chapter Activities Planning for 2016/2017: Fall induction ceremony to induct all new members to the reestablished honor society; biweekly meetings; fundraising at Eastern University's homecoming festival; spring picnic 
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  N/A - no official members at this point 
Other Activities or Comments: This form is a planning report for the 2016-2017 academic year, in order to reestablish Alpha Chi at Eastern University. 



Date Submitted Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - 09:41
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Kappa Gamma
School Name Southwest Baptist University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Chapter meetings were held in conjunction with the local Biology Club.   We usually met once a month. 
Chapter Activities Last year, Kappa Gamma initiated 8 new members.  During the Fall semester, in October, we co-hosted the Biology party that happened at Dr. Wolf's house.  We had dinner, prepared by the faculty, played board games, and carved pumpkins.  We also had a movie night the first week of December as a way for students to unwind a little just before final exams.  In the Spring semester, as a service project, we went to the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield.  We stained their new Flyway/Exercise house where birds are able to rehabilitate injuries and generally build strength before being returned to the wild.  We also attended the National Conventions for Sigma Zeta at McKendree University (see below).  Our last event of the year was our annual picnic at Dr. Siegfried's house. We elected new officers and played games, as well as, eating pulled pork and bratwursts with everything that goes with them.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Two members, Lindsey Midkiff and Andrew Barnes, spent the summer with Dr. Siegfried.  They went to Tung Hai University for the Taiwan Research Experience along with Biology Club member Michael Edwards.  They work with professors at Tung Hai University on a research project that they will present to SBU students and faculty in the Fall.  They also hope to present posters at next year's National Convention in Indianapolis. 
National Convention Attendance  This year there were eight students and two faculty advisers that attended the National Convention at McKendree University.  The attendees were: Joshua Yuhnke (P), Steven Reiff (VP), Darcy Cochran (S), Joshua Phipps, Andon Crisp, Andrew Barnes, Lindsey Midkiff, and Allysa Foster.  The advisers in attendance were Dr. Jena Whetstine and Dr. Dennis Siegfried.  
National Convention Presentations  No presentations were given this year.  



Date Submitted Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 15:29
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Alpha Theta
School Name Asbury University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Regular chapter meetings were held to plan the chapter's activities and to elect and introduce new officers for the upcoming school year.
Chapter Activities Chapter activities included: fall picnic where sigma zeta members attend and fellowship with science and math faculty; Christmas decorating in the science/math building; hosted kids college where k-8th graders spend the day learning about biology, chemistry, and physics; hosted the sigma zeta banquet and guest lecture where new members are inducted, math/science seniors are recognized, honors and awards are given. 
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Several awards and academic scholarships were awarded to various individuals at the sigma zeta banquet in April.




Date Submitted Friday, May 6, 2016 - 16:32
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Gamma Lambda
School Name Missouri Baptist University
Contact Email Address veda[email protected]
Chapter Meetings October 20 – officer Meeting, Planned Fall-Kick Off event
November 24 - Officer Meeting, Discussed Math and Science Club and Pre-Health Club Speaker line up for Spring 2016. Planned
February 9 and April 8 - Officer Meeting, Discussed Sigma Zeta New Member Induction Ceremony
May 6 – Officer Meeting, Writing Annual Report for Sigma Zeta
Chapter Activities September 22 -  Speaker:  Dr. Mitchel Cordover MD,  ER Doctor,  Antarctica Expedition
October 13 – Speaker: Dr. Allen Kesselring, Director of EKG Labs
October 27 – Speaker: Dr. Brent Znosko, Associate Professor of Chemistry, St. Louis University
November 17 – Speaker:  Linda Lewis Esq. Patent Attorney
January 26 -  Dr. Melissa Elrick and Chloe Tullock, Regulatory Affairs Managers, Monsanto St.Louis
February 16 – Speaker:  Ms. Renee Scott MSN, Director of Nursing
March 22 – Speaker: Dr. Joseph Wippold, Chief, Neuroradiology, Washington University School of Medicine
March 29 – Speaker:  Dr. Jeff Bednarski MD, Ph. D, Stem Cell Research, Washington University School of Medicine and Cardinal Glennon
April 19 – Speaker: Mr. Nathan Lakey, CEO and President of Biosains, Genetic Engineering of Palm Oil Trees
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Jessica Anderson – Junior Marshal
Shawn Brown – Outstanding student in unified science 2016
Bethany Christopher – Junior Marshal, internship at Indiana University 2016
Amadou Cisse – Outstanding Teacher’s Assistant 2015
Justin Crain – Junior Marshal
Ann Derges – Accepted into St. Louis School of Pharmacy 2016
Curtis Ebl – Employed at Monsanto, Outstanding Student of Biotechnology 2015,
Ian Furey – Attending Baylor University for Ph.D in Pharmacology 2016,  Outstanding Student of Biochemistry
Natalie Gremaude – Internship at EKG Labs 2016
Eric Gustafson – Outstanding Student of Mathematics 2015 and Outstanding Student of Exercise Science 2016
Paul Hrvol – Attending Logan College of Chiropractic 2015
Nika Juricic – Attending Baylor University for the Ph.D program in Molecular Biology, Outstanding Student of Biotechnology 2016
Kevin Knight – Attending University of North Carolina, Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, Outstanding Student of Chemistry 2015
Ben Marchant – Internship at Washington University, Junior Marshal
Madeline Smith – Junior Marshal
Faith Notz – Outstanding Student of Mathematics 2016, Best Graduate Oral Presentation in MBU’s Research Symposium
Nicole Savant – Junior Marshal
Jordan Weller – Internship at Nomax, St. Louis, Junior Marshal, Outstanding Student of Biochemistry 2016, Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation in MBU’s Research Symposium, 





Date Submitted Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 12:21
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Alpha Eta
School Name Olivet College
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings  
Chapter Activities Led by our chapter president, Anna Davis, we organized a "Science and Math Night" for elementary school students in our area.  Our campus science and math clubs prepared presentations and activities for the children.  Unfortunately, there was a snow storm the evening before the event and all of the area schools were closed that day.  The event was postponed, initially with the intention of re-scheduling, but we were unable to find a suitable alternative time.
National Convention Attendance  Students Grant Arras, Anna Davis, Zachary Gray, and Michael Tran attended the national convention at McKendree University.  Faculty advisors Ross Bohms and Patrick Fields also attended the convention.



Date Submitted Monday, April 25, 2016 - 02:34
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Beta Eta 
School Name Evangel University 
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings We hold bi-monthly officer meetings. The first officer meeting of the year was a BBQ at our advisor’s home where the entire first semester dates and events were planned for our chapter. A very similar officer meeting was conducted at the beginning of the 2016 year that set all of the dates for second semester. Shortly after planning, semester calendars were handed out to members.

Our first chapter meeting took place the third week of school on a Sunday evening at a local park. We hosted a departmental picnic for faculty and any students interesting in joining Sigma Zeta where we talked about our vision for the year and possible research opportunities. In addition, we handed out applications and passed out completed first semester calendars of important dates and events. Our September chapter meeting was also our induction ceremony. We had the Director of Agriculture at Convoy of Hope come to speak about the research process and how undergraduate research can be applied to real-life situations. We also went through the details of applying for the research awards through the National Office. A checklist was handed out to members to help guide them in beginning their research and to encourage as many members to turn in proposals as possible. At the November chapter meeting, we opened up T-shirt designs to the chapter with hopes of fundraising. We talked through National Convention and gauged the interest level. Our chapter president gave a presentation about the research she did this summer at Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources. Our December chapter meeting consisted of a Christmas party at our advisor’s home. We did a white-elephant gift exchange, and it was a fun time for all. At our January chapter meeting, we handed out a calendar for the first half of the second semester. One of our members gave a poster presentation about the research she conducted through her summer internship at the University of Michigan. We took a chapter photo at our February meeting and went through final details for convention. We did not have a March chapter meeting, but we communicated heavily through email as deadlines for convention approached. Our April chapter meeting will consist of sharing about National Convention, presentations from the three groups that presented at convention, the announcement of new officers, and the passing out of graduation cords. 
Chapter Activities Beta Eta has participated in many local activities within our campus and the community. On our campus, we had a booth at the Club & Organization Fair the first week of classes where we were able to increase awareness of Sigma Zeta on our campus and recruit potential members. We sponsored a Chili-Cook Off Fundraiser among our department faculty and staff which was open campus-wide to students and faculty, increasing awareness of Beta Eta on our campus. Additionally, we cooperated with Kappa Mu Epsilon, Evangel’s Math Honor Society, in a Pi Day Fundraiser. We sold cream pies to students who had the opportunity to pie six of their favorite department professors and our university Provost. In our community, Beta Eta, along with Evangel’s Pre-Healthcare Society, co-hosted our semi-annual University Blood Drive. The two blood drives were open to the community and facilitated by Springfield’s Community Blood Center. In addition, Beta Eta members volunteered and served as judges for the Ozark Science and Engineering Fair. We enjoyed being able to give back to our local community.  
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Two groups received Sigma Zeta Research Awards from the National Office. 
National Convention Attendance  Six students and one faculty member attended National Convention.
National Convention Presentations  Beta Eta had three groups that presented, two of which were awarded Sigma Zeta research grants:
  • Rachel Baines (Poster Presentation): Determination of the Crystal Structure and Kinetics of the Human Airway Trypsin-like Protease
  • Quinton Barnes & Cheyenne Parker (Oral Presentation): Developing Partnerships for Research: The stake holder tightrope
  • Maria Donnay (Oral Presentation): Effects of urine and biochar on the emergence and biomass of cow pea
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  Chapter Honor Award - President Maria Donnay

Our advisor, Dr. Kendall, became Vice Webmaster. 



Date Submitted Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 14:41
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Gamma Beta
School Name Concord University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Regular chapter meetings every other Tuesday at 5p.
Chapter Activities Two interested member events.



Date Submitted Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 08:31
Academic Year of Annual Report 2014-2015
Chapter Name Beta Omega
School Name Virginia Wesleyan College
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings 23-Apr-15
Chapter Activities Induction of new members

Executive board elections
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Britton Hipple: Became an Undergraduate Affiliate of the American Chemical Society; completed independent research entitled "Extraction of antibacterial substance from Cinachyra allocada;" presented said research at the 2016 National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego, California and at the Fall 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium at VWC

Amanda Hyre: Received the Biology Department Award for Graduating Seniors; Offered admission to PhD programs at Wake Forest University and North Carolina State University; accepted offer to WFU to the Molecular and Cellular Bioscience Program

Laura Robusto: Completed collaborated research with Tyler Searcy entitled "Linear Diophantine Equations versus the Penny;" presented undergraduate research at Mathematical Association of America's MathFest2015 in Washington, D.



 Date Submitted Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 21:02
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Gamma Eta
School Name Marian University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings 1 meeting every month for officers: debrief, unload, express concerns, plan for future.

2-3 meetings every month for members, usually involves one social event, one educational/career event, one primary event.
Chapter Activities

Notable chapter activities:

Induction meeting
Pre-SOMA conference
Doctors and Donuts Meeting
Ice Cream Social Meeting
Project SEED speaker Meeting
2nd annual Eco-Summit
LSMCE conference
MU-COM speaker Meeting
Medicinal Chemistry Meeting
Starbucks Reusable Cup Campaign
Spring Orientation Meeting
Bio-Mathematics Modelling Meeting
Crash Course Doctor Meeting
Chemistry of Beer-Making Lecture
Medical School (IU and MU-COM admin) Panel Meeting


Hoosier Outdoor Experience
Celebrate Science Indiana
Marian University Gala
Christmas Service
Spring Outside Service Activity
Fall Outside Service Activity

Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  More than 70% of our 45 members have received some form of outside recognition from the University

More than 35% of our active members have earned the Sigma Zeta Distinguished Honors Award, for outstanding and very active attendance.
National Convention Attendance  13 members
National Convention Presentations  5 members, 2 projects
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  Founder's Cup, 2014


Date Submitted Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 19:43
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Beta Xi
School Name University of Pikeville
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings September 10th 2015, October 20th 2015, November 19th 2015, January 28th 2016, January 15th 2016, March 3rd 2016.
Chapter Activities Our Sigma Zeta-Beta Xi Chapter was a small but ambitious group. We had fundraisers such popcorn sales to raise money for our chapter. We were involved in the Science Olympiad where middle schools and grade schools across the state come to the University of Pikeville and compete in a variety of mathematics and science competitions. Our Sigma Zeta-Beta Xi chapter helped to ensure a successful event for all of the students. Our chapter also had a group of students to gather ideas and create a recycling plan for our school and community.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Our Sigma Zeta-Beta Xi chapter had great honor in presenting our new president, Burton J. Webb, certificate of the Sigma Zeta-Beta Xi chapter and now consider him a member of our chapter. Our chapter is small but we have great honor is our members by their Academic performance. We had a member accepted to medical school. This club has helped us throughout our college career. It has given our members leadership skills that will help us throughout life. 



Date Submitted Thursday, March 24, 2016 - 16:59
Academic Year of Annual Report 2015-2016
Chapter Name Beta Iota
School Name Bethel University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Our leadership committee of student officers and faculty advisors meets every two weeks for planning purposes.

Spring 2015 Speaker with Dessert, April 14:

Dr. Michael Kilgore, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Natural Resources Science and Management Program at the University of Minnesota presented “Using Technology in Science to Answer Society’s Most Pressing Problems Affecting Natural Resources and the Environment.”  His presentation was very interesting; in particular we heard about efforts to understand why the moose population is declining in northern Minnesota.  We handed out Sigma Zeta medallions to our spring 2015 graduates. 

Fall 2015 Banquet:

We held our Sigma Zeta Fall Banquet on Thursday, Nov 5, at 6:00 pm in the Eastlund Room.  Our guest speaker was Gary Reuter, an entomologist from the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. He spoke on the topic "What's the Buzz About Bees?"  Gary’s specialty is honey bees and he also talked about wild bees, bee behavior, pollination, management, and disease.  As is our custom in the fall, our banquet is a combined event with members of the Minnesota Microscopy Society. We had a total of 45 in attendance including students, faculty and MMS members.  We recognized new members and fall graduates. This banquet provided a great time of camaraderie between the different science disciplines and an opportunity for students to interact with experts from industry.

Spring 2016 Dessert & Research Report:

We are planning a dessert event for a Wednesday evening, April 20.  Senior members will give brief discussions of their research projects and we will recognize our spring graduates, handing out Sigma Zeta medallions to wear at commencement.

R & D Systems Tour:

We are planning a tour of R & D systems for a Friday afternoon in April.
Chapter Activities Fall 2015 Opportunity Fair:

During the first week of school in the fall we participated in Bethel’s Opportunity Fair.  We displayed a poster with information about Sigma Zeta and last year’s activities for potential new members to see.  A Sigma Zeta officer or advisor was always present to answer questions.

Fall 2015 Fundraising:

On the first two Saturdays in November Sigma Zeta members went to two different locations to help Bethel University faculty with projects such as raking leaves, moving logs and moving outdoor furniture.  These faculty give us generous contributions for our efforts. 

Minnesota 2016 Science Olympiad:

We were asked to provide help as Bethel hosted the Minnesota State Science Olympiad Tournament on Saturday, March 5.  Beta Iota members provided help with directions to event locations on campus, helped run some competitions, and provided a “Minute to Win It” show at the end of the day as high school groups waited to hear competition results.  We plan to help with this event regularly each year.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition 
National Convention Attendance  National Convention 2016:

We regret that we did not have any student members who were able to attend the National Convention this year.