Summer Update 2019

May 8, 2019

Dear Sigma Zeta Friends:

We hope your spring semester is coming to a calm ending – that was somewhat sarcastic, sorry.  And that you’re anticipating a restful summer with family and friends, in addition to the likely academic activities you may be involved with. 

If you weren’t able to attend our National Convention in March in Canton, OH, you may not be aware that we have had a change in the National Executive Director position effective this coming summer.  After 12 years serving as Director, Jim Hall is stepping down at the end of this fiscal year (June 30) and Robb VanPutte of the Beta Chapter, McKendree University in Lebanon, IL will be assuming leadership.  We’re working hard here at the current National Office in San Antonio, with constant correspondence with Robb, to make the shift as seamless as possible to the individual chapters.

Together Jim and Robb attended the chartering ceremony of our newest chapter in Chicago last month, the Olive-Harvey College Associate Chapter.  Robb also attended the November Officers Meeting in New Orleans and, of course, the Convention in March.  On all of those occasions in person and via regular phone, email and texting conversation, we have been working to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Here are some timeline and other important information items:

  • Physical move of filing cabinets, office items, branded merchandise, etc…. last week in June or 1st week July – Jim Hall and Stephanie Neal, the Sigma Zeta administrative assistant for the past 4 years, will drive to McKendree to hand off everything and provide some tutoring to Robb and the student administrative assistant he is in the process of selecting.  Harold Wilkinson, the original Sigma Zeta Executive Director, did that favor for Jim in summer 2007.
  • We will likely save a couple of certificate and jewelry orders that have come in since the San Antonio office stopped processing orders on May 3 to process from the new McKendree office.
  • Wire transfer of most of the funds in the Our Lady of the Lake University Sigma Zeta National Account to either the Sigma Zeta National Regions checking account or to an account established at McKendree.
  • All electronic files of membership, bills, receipts, activity reports, mailings, awards, etc….. will be transferred with backups.
  • Stephanie and Jim will work a few days in mid-June to finish depositing checks that have come in since May 3 and which continue to come in and get those receipts out to the advisors – AND to get things organized for the move.  Any deposits made prior to the move will be credited to the 2018-2019 fiscal year.
  • FOR ANY CHAPTERS WITH AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE, Stephanie sent out friendly reminders earlier this semester, IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL IF THOSE CHECKS COULD ARRIVE AT THE SAN ANTONIO OFFICE YOU’VE BEEN MAILING CHECKS TO BY JUNE 15.  Our goal is to close out the 2018-2019 fiscal year with zero or very few unpaid balances to make life simpler on the new National Office.
  • Belarmino Gonzalez, our Webmaster, has the UNENVIABLE TASK OF UPDATING THE ADDRESS OF the Sigma Zeta National Office on all the electronic forms and pages on the website – SORRY, BELARMINO!!
  • The accounting offices at most schools have started a policy of not sending checks to vendors until that vendor has filled out some paperwork – typically a W9 form.  IT’S UNLIKELY THAT ANY SIGMA ZETA CAMPUS HAS A W9 OR OTHER APPROPRIATE PAPERWORK TO BEGIN MAILING CHECKS FOR INVOICES TO THE NEW OFFICE AT MCKENDREE.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHECKS TO OUR LADY OF THE LAKE UNIVERSITY AFTER MID-JUNE OR TO MCKENDREE UNIVERSITY BEFORE JULY 1.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions of both of us during this transition period.  Eventually Jim will serve as a resource for Robb, Belarmino and other officers but will refer questions from chapter advisors, students and prospective chapters to the new leadership, but for the next five or six weeks, Jim and the San Antonio office are the “working” office, although final exams are ending and spring graduation is this week, so Jim won’t be actively working on Sigma Zeta the rest of May.


Jim Hall, Outgoing Executive Director

Robb Van Putte, Incoming Executive Director