Dates and Deadlines

Names/Addresses of Current Officers and Advisors Form. This form is typically included in the annual October mailing to advisors and should be completed and returned promptly. [link to form]

Membership and Dues Form. This form is also included in the annual October mailing to advisors. It should be completed by listing the requested information for each new member and returned with the accompanying national dues. This form must be completed before certificates are issued by the executive officer. There is no specific deadline for submission of this form, but make sure you allow time prior to your induction ceremony for certificates to be completed and delivered. The form may be submitted more than once during the academic year if you induct members more than once. [link to form]

Annual report. Each chapter secretary is to write an annual report of the chapter's membership and activities. The deadline for this report is two-weeks following the National Convention, although it is preferable to submit it prior to the National Convention, which typically convenes in March. [link to form]

Forms and/or material associated with the National Convention

Abstracts of Student Papers. Titles and Abstracts of student papers are to be submitted when requested by the hosting chapter. This typically will be approximately 30 days prior to the National Convention. They should be submitted in both electronic form and hard copy. It is essential that a list of all audio-visual equipment required for each paper presentation accompany the abstract. Students should specify whether their paper will be given as an oral presentation or as a poster session. Titles and Abstracts should also be sent at the same time to the Publicist in both electronic and hard copy form. See also Presentation of Student Papers.

Publication of Student Papers. The Society has approved the publication of the full text of outstanding papers. Students wishing to have their papers considered for publication must submit manuscript copy to the Publicist within 30 days of the National Meeting. Text and images must be submitted in both electronic form and hard copy. Manuscripts that are received by the Publicist will be reviewed by both the publicist and one Sigma Zeta faculty advisor selected by the Publicist. Faculty advisors who are contacted by the Publicist and agree to review a manuscript should return the manuscript to the Publicist within 30 days.

Founders Cup application. An evaluation of chapter activities for the purpose of entering the Founders Cup competition must be submitted at the National Convention. This document is separate from and in addition to the chapter's annual report. The Founders Cup application must be submitted in the required format. See guidelines for The Sigma Zeta Founders Cup.

Honor Award nomination. Each local chapter may nominate one active student member for the Sigma Zeta Honor Award. The nominations may be sent to the Executive Director or brought to the National Convention and given to the Executive Director at the Executive Council Meeting. The nomination must be signed by the faculty advisor. See The Sigma Zeta Honor Award for details.