Chapter Activities

At the local level

At many chapters, Sigma Zeta doubles as both an honor society for those majoring in the sciences (natural and computer) and mathematics, and as a science/math club. Only those students who meet the criteria listed in the Sigma Zeta Constitution (Article IV: Membership) are eligible for national membership, but local chapters may choose to allow other individuals (students, faculty, staff) with an interest in the sciences and mathematics to have local membership in the "club". Participation at the national meeting is restricted to Sigma Zeta members. Others attending may not vote, present papers, represent their chapter on committees, or be included in the chapter’s roll call for travel costs to the national meeting. Activities of the local chapters can be loosely grouped into the following broad categories (with some overlap):

Discipline related activities -
  • Inviting speakers (faculty and students from off-campus) to present seminars on research topics
  • Inviting speakers to educate students about various careers in the sciences/mathematics
  • Hosting recruiters from graduate and professional schools to broaden students’ awareness of opportunities, requirements, application procedures, etc...
  • Organizing poster sessions for students/faculty to present research results
  • Field trips to nearby businesses, research institutes, graduate & professional schools, museums, parks, etc.
  • Recognizing student achievement (see Honor Award)
Business activities -
  • Meetings to plan activities
  • Election of officers
  • Fund raising (see Obtaining Support)
  • Officer meetings

Service activities -
  • Bring speakers for a campus-wide audience
  • Tutoring elementary through college students
  • Judging science fairs and other competitions
  • Environmental clean-ups (roads, rivers, lakes, parks, etc.)
  • Volunteer work for social agencies

Social activities -
  • Any of the above activities can be fun and partly social
  • Parties
  • Banquets/dinners
  • Camping trips
  • Participation as an organization at campus-wide activities (games, festivals, intramurals, etc.)

At the national level

Keeping in touch with and in good standing with the national organization - A requirement of all chapters (see Dates and Deadlines)

Attendance at and participation in the National Meeting is a goal for all chapters. The advisor working with the local officers should plan well in advance how many students will be attending the National Meeting and stay in close contact with the host institution via e-mail and the national web page. Arranging funding and planning the trip must be done well in advance. Opportunities/activities at the national meeting include the following:

  • Presentation of student papers (including preparation and submission of abstracts by deadlines)
  • Tours and field trips
  • Banquet
  • Participation of students and faculty on committees
  • Business meeting - be prepared to vote as a chapter on agenda items

It is essential that each chapter planning to participate in the National Meeting be prompt in submitting information to the host chapter by the date it is requested. This includes the total number of participants that you plan to bring; titles, abstracts, and equipment needed for each presentation; and response to field trip sign-ups.