Sigma Zeta Student Research Awards

Sigma Zeta KeyCongratulations to sixteen Sigma Zeta members as recipients of the 2017 Research Awards! Twenty-three research proposals were reviewed at the Nov. 4 officers meeting and awards were announced December 1, 2017. 


Recipients of 2017 Sigma Zeta Research Awards

Sigma Zeta iconLucinda Adams, Beta Chapter
An Analysis of Human Salivary Protein in response to Olfactory Stimuli

Sigma Zeta iconJessica Agama and Hannah SproullBeta Eta Chapter
Binding Affinity of CYP4X1 with Arachidonic Acid and Anandamide 

Sigma Zeta iconCheyenne AndersonGamma Lambda Chapter
Developing a protocol to preserve long-term viability of the microalgal species, Chlorella protothecoides UTEX 25

Sigma Zeta iconKristen Bricker Beta Chi Chapter
Generation of Native and Mutated pEF1/SOX18 Myc-His Expression Constructs to Determine the Impact of a Glutamic Acid to Lysine Amino Acid Exchange on Nuclear Localization

Sigma Zeta iconLuke Elsener and Paige SwanGamma Eta Chapter
Effects of available L-Arginine on β-Amyloid plaque formation in C. elegans model of Alzheimer’s disease 

Sigma Zeta iconMollie FrancisGamma Gamma Chapter
Comparative Analysis of Squirrel Behavior and Habitat use in Light of Climate Change

Sigma Zeta iconMarcel Gonzalez, Osvy Rodriguez, Sabrina Romero, Gamma Rho Chapter
Image Segmentation Ensemble via Clustering

Sigma Zeta iconRuthann GorrellGamma Eta Chapter
Developing novel strategies to reduce age- related bone loss

Sigma Zeta iconBritta Lokken, Alpha Chi Chapter
A Newly Emerging Pathogen: Analysis of Cotton Leaf Curl Gezira Virus Within Plants Using Fluorescent Tagged Protein”

Sigma Zeta iconCharissa LordBeta Eta Chapter
Expression and purification of transmembrane serine protease 2 (TMPRSS2) to determine crystal structure

Sigma Zeta iconKegan Main and Aidan Washer, Gamma Eta Chapter
The Effects of Nitric oxide and Lactate on Human Keratinocyte Proliferation

Sigma Zeta iconKatelyn Parsons, Gamma Gamma Chapter
Differentiation between Elodea canadensis and Elodea nuttallii using known ITS DNA sequences and morphological characteristics

Sigma Zeta iconRebecca Riley, Rho Chapter
Examination of cellular-based mechanisms by which anthrocyanin changes occur in Saponaria officinalis during transition from male to female

Sigma Zeta iconBianca StockmeierGamma Eta Chapter
Low Doses of Actinomycin D Selectively Inhibit Cancer Cells with Nucleolar Amplification

Sigma Zeta iconMatthew ThiemsenAlpha Chi Chapter
Visualization of coat proteins from cotton leaf curl Gezira virus in infected plant tissue

Sigma Zeta iconLaura Tweedie, Alpha Gamma Chapter
Improving Metabolic Analysis using GC-MS


Research awards are an opportunity to seek funding for your research with the expectation that you will present your research at the National Convention.  2018 Applications will be due prior to October 21, 2018.  Plan ahead to apply now!

Research Award Information &  Application