Spring 2018 Update

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January 10, 2018

 Dear Sigma Zeta Friends:

Happy 2018!!  Our 2018 National Convention is less than two months away – it’s early this year - March 1-3, and will be hosted by the Beta Eta Chapter at Evangel University in Springfield, MO...   

The faculty advisor of Beta Eta, Natasha DeVore, attended the Sigma Zeta Officers meeting in Denver in November and shared plans for a very exciting convention.  Beta Eta has attended the last several conventions, so they have plenty of experience in the many activities that go into a successful convention.  For the first time a convention host is offering a discount for early registration (by February 15).  Registrations received after February 15 will cost an additional $5 per person.  Early registration is critical for planning purposes by the host chapter.   Please note that the deadline for abstract submission, nominations for Student Representative, and nominations for the Harold Wilkinson alumni recognition award are the same as for convention registration, February 15, and that nominees for the Student Representative office must attend the convention, where they will be asked to introduce themselves prior to voting.  Nominations for the Founder’s Cup and Chapter Honor awards must be submitted by the evening of the opening advisors/national officers meeting, Thursday, March 1.

As mentioned, the National Officers met November 4, 2017 in Denver, CO for their annual business meeting.  The many excellent discussions at that meeting were highlighted by the awarding of a 16 student research awards, the second most awards ever given since Sigma Zeta began funding student research in 2011!  Visit our website for a description of their research proposals.  Congratulations to these young scientists!  We hope to hear presentations about their research at the March 2018 or spring 2019 conventions.   The day before the meeting, several of the national officers dropped by three universities in the Denver/Colorado Springs area to speak with faculty and administrators about our organization.  These recruiting visits generated much interest, and one of the schools, Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO, submitted an application for charter membership which was approved by the national officers just before the holiday break!  Colorado Christian will be joining the Sigma Zeta family on April 20, when their chartering ceremony is scheduled.   Another potential new school, Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara, California is in the process of submitting an application.  Unfortunately their application process and their entire academic calendar have been interrupted by the devastating fires and now mudslides near their campus.  Please keep all those in southern California in your thoughts.

Included with the paper mailing of this letter is a copy of the rubric that judges will use to help choose the award winners for the best poster and oral presentation, and this rubric is also available at the Convention link at the website.  Advisors, please distribute this rubric to your student presenters and their faculty mentors.  Also enclosed with this letter and soon to be posted at the website is the 2018 Convention mileage allotment for each chapter, based on round trip mileage to Springfield, and calculated at the rate of $0.40/mile.  Mileage has been determined using Google Maps.  Check these amounts against your calculations and please contact me if you feel there is an error.  The allotment listed is for 3-5 attendees.  For 1-2 attendees, the reimbursement is the cost of travel, not to exceed the amount for 3-5 attendees.  Double the amount listed for 6-10 attendees, triple the amount for 11-15, etc….  Mileage checks will be available at the convention.  

All of the National Officers encourage your chapter to attend the convention to meet your colleagues from other chapters.  These conventions are always a good combination of professional and social activities.  We also encourage your chapter to consider nominating one of its members for the Honor Award, a graduated member for the Harold Wilkinson Alumni Recognition Award, and to consider nominating your chapter for the Founder’s Cup award.  Information and application procedures for all of these awards are found at the website.

A friendly reminder -- please do not delay in setting a firm deadline by which students who are eligible for membership and are interested should submit their names to their chapter advisor and pay their membership fees, followed quickly by the advisor submitting through the website or by emailing to the National Office the spread sheet with the new members, even if the installation ceremony isn’t until near the end of the semester.  The spread sheet on which new memberships are sent to the National Office (see website for spread sheet and instructions) allows the chapters to specify the date, so the actual date of the ceremony can be printed on the certificates, even if the order is processed weeks before.  

    • The National Office cannot guarantee timely delivery of certificate and jewelry requests received the last month or our semester (final exams begin on our campus May 4).  Our campus has spring break the week of March 10-18, just a week after we return from the National Convention.  The Easter Holiday, March 29-April 2, also interferes with processing orders, and then final exams begin a month later.  The National Office will likely not be able to process certificate and jewelry orders after the administrative assistant, the only paid member of Sigma Zeta, finishes her year May 9.  My schedule in the summer is not set at this point, so please don’t count on orders being processed during the summer, which begins May 9.  
    • New orders will not be processed from chapters with an unpaid balance.  Reminders will go out in the next couple of weeks to those few chapters which have unpaid balances.
    • Please give the National Office a three week lead time on all orders.



Jim Hall, Executive Director