Chapter Activity Reports 2013

Chapter Reports - 2013


Date Submitted Friday, September 27, 2013 - 17:38
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Sigma Zeta
School Name Messiah College
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings We held our new member induction ceremony in April 2013. We voted for the President and Vice Presidents for the upcoming school year of 2013- 2014. 
Chapter Activities We sponsored two middle schools by judging science fair projects. We cosponsored four science speakers to come in and speak to the students in 2012-2013. 


Date Submitted Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 17:13
Academic Year of Annual Report 2013-2014
Chapter Name Alpha Theta
School Name Asbury University 
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Held every week discussing upcoming events and planning in accordance.  Talked about possible outreach events.  Discussed duties and what was or was not working at events to improve. 
Chapter Activities 1) Kids college (February), the event has children from the community come for the day as we teach them all about science and math! 
2)  Banquet (March), the new members were admitted and awards were given.
3)  Activities Fair (August), was an event to tell the freshman all about our club.
4)  Cookout (September), for members and those interested in joining. 

There will be a Halloween party in October, a Christmas Party in November, and possible outreach event.
Other Activities or Comments: ASC meetings are attended every month at the university with other clubs.  


Date Submitted Mon, 06/10/2013 - 21:26
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Gamma Eta
School Name Marian University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings 10/3/12 5-7pm Sigma Zeta Call Out Meeting

Since we are a new chapter, our first meeting was setup to get to know everyone and to discuss what each individual wanted to gain from being a member of Sigma Zeta. The question was asked: What do you want out of Sigma Zeta? Some answers were: to setup opportunities for research, to have mock interviews, create internship connections, have different speakers come, do service projects, have fundraising, provide help in preparation for the MCAT, and help students with career exploration. Also during this meeting the elections for officers were discussed. Everyone running for office wrote a small argument as to why they are best for the position. Overall, from this meeting we were able to start developing our chapter.

11/6/12 7-6pm

We began the meeting by doing the icebreaker, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", and introductions to become familiar with everyone. We discussed again what we wanted from Sigma Zeta and planned what we could accomplish in the year. We then asked if members had done or will be doing any research or internships that would be able to present at the National Convention. The induction ceremony was planned to be November 27th at 7pm in the Marian Hall Theater. All members were strongly encouraged to attend and invite their families. Envelopes were passed out to the members so that they could provide addresses to invite their families and friends. We also discussed the possibility of providing recycling in Marian Hall that Sigma Zeta would be put in charge of. The idea of a Facebook page to stay connected was presented and Graduation Medallions were ordered for the 11 seniors.

2/5/13 5-6pm

This meeting was planned to discuss the many different activities that were being planned for the upcoming months. The activities discussed were: Flower gram sales, the National Convention, College Mentors for Kids (CMFK), Science Fair Judges Needed, Recycling, and the School of Math and Science Forum. This meeting was used to update everyone and organize the events that were coming up.

3/5/13 4-5pm School of Math and Science Forum (SOMAS)

Members of Sigma Zeta were invited to this meeting so that they could be updated on the new activities happening within SOMAS. Professors spoke on the new activities and members were encouraged to ask questions.

4/8/13 4-5pm

The meeting began with a slideshow of pictures that were taken at the National Convention. The members that attended the Convention shared their experiences and talked about the variety of research that was presented by the other Sigma Zeta chapters. As the school year was drawing to an end, the elections for officers were being held again. Voting then took place and the officers were elected. Lastly, we talked about the upcoming event with CMFK where we were planning to make ice cream with the kids. At the end of the meeting we made ice cream to practice for the CMFK activity.
Chapter Activities College Mentors for Kids (CMFK) Science Project

- CMFK is club at Marian that provides after school activities for children once a week. College students are paired up with a buddy and participate in a variety of different activities. Our chapter organized a fun science based activity for the children so that they could learn and become interested in science. We decided to make ice cream and explain the science behind it. It was a lot of fun!

Science Fair

- Members of our chapter volunteered to be judges at a local Science Fair. It was a great experience to be able to help out and see some great science projects.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Chris Roberts- Purichia Award , a monetary award for academic achievements

Drew Adams- Purichia Award

Tiffany Schendel- Marian Pride Award

Andrew Schroeder- Outstanding Senior 
National Convention Attendance  Faculty Advisors: Steve Dougherty, Samantha Hoskins

Members: Jalee Miller, Megan Lee, Allison Goetz, Katie Harlow, Andrew Adams, Chris Roberts 
National Convention Presentations  Unfortunately we were not able to present any research at the National Convention; however, we are looking forward to being able to next year.


Date Submitted Wed, 05/29/2013 - 13:51
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Gamma Epsilon
School Name Franklin Pierce University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Sept 13, 2012
Oct 18, 2012
Nov 15, 2012
Feb 11, 2013
Mar 28, 2013
April 18, 2013
Chapter Activities Hosted activities and demonstration table at a Science Fair/festival for local K-4th grade students.

Plant sale on Earth Day.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  NH INBRE iSURF summer intership granted to Natasha Pastor for summer of 2012 at Dartmouth College.

NH INBRE iSURF summer intership granted to Kayla Marra for summer of 2013 at Dartmouth College.


Date Submitted Mon, May 13, 2013 1:51 pm
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Beta Eta
School Name Evangel University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Induction Ceremony and Election of Officers: Sept. 17th 

The academic year 2012-2013 commenced with induction of new members and introduction of the chapter officers. Fourteen new members were inducted: Chelsie Brown, Michael Brown, Brittany Eppright, Heath Jennings, Rachael Krawczyk, Danika Lindsey, Emily Musy, Chastyti Neighbors, Amy Nelson, Laura Nyo Shein, Clara Porter, Nicole Sullivan, Caitlin Wallace, and Vance Taylor. 

Chapter officers for the 2012-2013 academic year were: 
President: Riya Thomas 
Vice President: Kyle Fulghum 
Secretary: Victoria Schmitt 
Treasurer: Kaylyn Hicks 
Public Relations: Kaylyn Foehring 

Dr. Glenner Richards (Faculty advisor) opened the meeting with prayer and Riya Thomas (President) addressed the group. The officers were introduced and the new members were inducted and presented with Sigma Zeta certificates.

Dr. Mike McCorcle, Chair of the Science & Technology Department, was guest speaker and spoke about the future of research: What are the benefits of doing research: development of critical thinking skills, improvement in writing skills, projects may refocus career, learn how to do research, and get good grades. 

2. Officers meetings were held monthly. Members meetings were also held monthly in Room ZM 317 in the Science & Technology Department. Attendance to the meetings was approximately 10 members and lasted approximately 30 minutes. During these meetings, efforts were made to plan events and develop strategies to encourage research and academic scholarship among existing as well as newly inducted Sigma Zeta members. Matters discussed include: 

Attendance: Importance of member attendance to meetings was discussed and attendance was recorded because members are eligible to receive graduation cords if they attended 75% of meeting. 

Fees (2012- 2013) were increased from $25 to $35 this year plus $5 annual local fee. The Science & Technology department continued to contribute $20 towards each member's fee paid to the national organization.
Chapter Activities

Possible fundraising ideas: T- shirts designed "You know you're in the SciTech Department if" were brainstormed along with other fundraising ideas of a SciTech kit: science/ lab themed pencil, eraser, etc 

Greenhouse project: Sigma Zeta continued the greenhouse project that was started by the previous office of taking care of the plants by conducting research and caring for them in general. The plants in the greenhouse were divided among three students under the supervision of Riya Tomas. Students chose a plant to water and care for until they graduate. 

Research projects: Teams led by Rintu Thomas and Adam Engebretson continued to conduct research on projects that were initiated in Fall 2011 

Sigma Zeta newsletter: The Fall 2012 edition featured an introduction/back ground statement about Sigma Zeta national organization and its origin. The newsletter also included articles informing students about participation opportunities in areas such as the greenhouse project and fundraising. The newsletter covered stories about the faculty sponsor and president along with blogs about current research that were being conducted under Sigma Zeta. 

Science Fair: Judging at the Ozarks Science Fair (Missouri State University - April 2013) 

Other Possible Ideas and Things to Work On In the Near Future: T- shirt design and sale, Campus Recycling Initiative, Sigma Zeta Alternate Chapel 

Debate forum: Ideas for topics included: 

o Assisted Suicide 
o Expanded to include withdrawal of treatment 
o Eugenics 
o Legalization of marijuana 
o (Evolution and Abortion were both dismissed as topics)

Legalization of recreational marijuana use chosen as debate topic. Dr. Eddie Spain (chair of Bioethics team at Mercy Hospital) agreed to moderate and 7 students volunteered to participate. 

B. Local Activities 

November 2012: Kyle Fulghum submitted a proposal to the Sigma Zeta National Office for funding to support the research: The Effect of Molecular Branching on Specific Rotation in Isomers of Alcohols: Separation of Racemic Alcohols into Pure Enantiomers. Kyle was granted $421.20 to fund his team's research project. 

January 28, 2013: Research Forum 

February 13, 2013: Dr. Jim Richards is a scientist from Novus International. He was invited under the auspices of Sigma Zeta to speak with students about possible pathways in research after graduation. He also participated in meeting with students and faculty for lunch to facilitate more personal interactions. 

March 18, 2013: Mr. Nathan Johnson (Evangel University/ Science & Technology Department alum, past member and officer of Sigma Zeta) currently a graduate student at University of Missouri was hosted. He was invited to present his current research and discuss his graduate school experience. He met with students/faculty for lunch afterwards to facilitate more personal interactions. 

April 22, 2013: Last meeting for the 2012-2013 academic year included election of new officers for 2013-2014 academic year and recognition of 16 graduates. 

o The graduates are: Elizabeth Baumeister, Elsa Blair, Mathew Boeser, Adam Engebretson, Brittany Eppright, Kyle Fulghum, Brigette Ketron, Michael Pezzillo, Kaylen Reilley, Krista Sachen, Victoria Schmitt, Kenny Squires, Rintu Thomas, Riya Thomas, and Brittni Woods. 

o The new officers are: 

President: Kaylyn Hicks 
Vice President: Nicole Sullivan 
Secretary: Chelsie Brown 
Treasurer: Heath Jennings 
Public Relations: Michael Brown 

Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  April 15, 2013: Sigma Zeta hosted a debate forum on the Legalization of Marijuana. This was in collaboration with honor societies from Social Sciences, Philosophy, and Psychology (Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Sigma Tau, and Psi Chi). Sigma Zeta members gave a great presentation on the legalization of marijuana. There were approximately 30 attendees. Individuals spoke about a sensitive subject with clarity and openness. Both teams put forward a very persuasive argument. It is hopeful that future interdepartmental events such as these will happen to foster good relations and active rhetoric. Dr. Joy Qualls, the faculty at Communications Department moderated the debate. 

April 19-20, 2013: Missouri Academy of Science (at College of the Ozarks): Chelsie Brown, Adam Engebretson, Kyle Fulghum, and Audra Stephenson attended and presented their research: The Effect of Molecular Branching on Specific Rotation in Isomers of Alcohols: Separation of Racemic Alcohols into Pure Enantiomers 
National Convention Attendance  March 21-23, 2013: Sigma Zeta National Convention (at Millikin University in Decatur, IL). Chelsie Brown, Adam Engebretson, Kyle Fulghum, and Audra Stephenson attended and presented their research. 
National Convention Presentations  Adam Engebretson presented: The Effect of Molecular Branching on Specific Rotation in Isomers of Alcohols: Separation of Racemic Alcohols into Pure Enantiomers. 
Kyle Fulghum presented: Analysis of Folic Acid Deficiency in Proportion of Women of Child Bearing Age 
Date Submitted Tue, 05/07/2013 - 19:06
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Alpha Xi
School Name University of Virginia's College at Wise
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings September 2012
October 2012
January 2013
April 2013
Chapter Activities Sigma Zeta Math/Science Contest - November 10 2012

Induction Ceremony - April 24, 2013
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Zach Holcomb - Nominated for Chancellor's Medal for Undergraduate Research
Date Submitted Fri, 04/26/2013 - 14:28
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Gamma Theta
School Name Georgian Court University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Organizational meetings leading to formation of new chapter
Chapter Activities Induction and Chartering Ceremony on May 5, 2013
Installation of Charter members and Charter Officers

Date Submitted Thu, 04/11/2013 - 19:37
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Alpha Eta
School Name Olivet College
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Activities We inducted 17 new members, 9 in fall semester and 8 in spring semester.  For the first time in many years, we sent a group to the national convention.  President Erin Jarvie, Secretary Katharine Thelen, members Samantha Daily and Marcus Greathouse, and advisors Dr. Patrick Fields and Mr. Ross Bohms made the trip to Decatur, Illinois.  We reported back to the rest of our chapter and we hope to send a group to the 2014 convention at Bethel University.
National Convention Attendance  We sent a group of four students and two faculty members to the 2013 National Convention at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois.

Date Submitted Mon, 04/08/2013 - 12:34
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Rho
School Name University of Indianapolis
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Officer meetings are held weekly to plan upcoming events and deal with responsibilities of maintaining our status as a registered student organization.  Member meetings are held monthly to discuss and delegate responsibilities.  Meetings are held with advisors throughout the week as needed.
Chapter Activities In September, we competed in a campus-wide golf cart decorating parade for Homecoming week.  

In October, we hosted a test tube candy sale during Pink Week to raise money for the Susan G. Koman Foundation.  Sigma Zeta sponsored CaLUB’s Bra Silent Auction by decorating a bra.  Money earned through the silent auction was donated to Susan G. Koman Foundation on behalf of the University of Indianapolis.  Around Halloween, we hosted Haunted Lab for the kids in the community.  A University’s biology lab was decorated into a haunted laboratory.  Members actively participated in scaring the children and parents as they walked through.  

In November, the Rho chapter had a canned food drive collecting items for a local food pantry, Servant’s Heart.  Over 250 nonperishable items were collected in preparation of Thanksgiving.                                                               

In December, we adopted a family through United Christmas Service Program.  We were given a wish list for a 3 person family and we committed to spending at least $75 per family member.  Sigma Zeta members donated money and shopped for their Christmas gifts.  The gifts were wrapped and dropped off directly to the family.

In February, we held a campus wide event taking twenty five students to the Kentucky Science Center to see the Body World’s Exhibit.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Three members presented two posters at the national convention this spring.  These posters have been previously presented at the Indiana Academy of Science.  Many of our Rho chapter or Sigma Zeta students are involved in Honors College doing research projects that they will present before they graduate.
National Convention Attendance  There were 4 officers, 3 members, 1 advisor, and Dr. Burnell (National president) that attended.  
National Convention Presentations  Three members presented two posters at the national convention this spring.  
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions   
<hr>Other Activities or Comments: We recruited Marion University to become an active Sigma Zeta chapter.  We look forward to working with them next year.

Date Submitted Wed, 04/03/2013 - 18:02
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Beta Omega
School Name Virginia Wesleyan College
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings We will hold our induction ceremony on April 30, 2013. As our chapter grows, we hope to plan more activities during the year. 
Chapter Activities As a new chapter with only 5 members, there were not activities this school year. As our membership grows we hope to plan activities for the upcoming year.


Date Submitted Tue, 04/02/2013 - 18:03
Academic Year of Annual Report 2012-2013
Chapter Name Beta Iota
School Name Bethel University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings The officers and advisors meet bi-weekly for planning purposes. 

Faculty Advisors: 

Dr. Teresa DeGolier, Dr. Kenneth Rohly, Prof Rebecca Seaberg, Dr. Keith Stein 

Student Officers: 

Joshua Bear, Andreas Copan, Sarah Greteman-Leo, Daniel Klemme, Lindsay Nelson, Steven Schull, Jared Wall 
Chapter Activities Opportunity Fair: 
During the first week of school in the fall we participated in Bethel's Opportunity Fair. We displayed a poster with information about Sigma Zeta and last year's activities for potential new members to see. A Sigma Zeta officer or advisor was always present to answer questions. 

Fundraising Efforts: 
On Saturday, October 20, students split up into four groups for fall clean-up projects. Students drove to various houses in the Bethel community and spent the morning raking leaves, trimming brush, and other fall yard work tasks. The hosts each made a generous donation to Sigma Zeta for the time spent working. 

We promoted an opportunity to attend a dinner and talk on Thursday, October 4, with the Minnesota Microscopy Society. Dr. Roger Rusack, researcher at CERN and Professor of Physics at the University of Minnesota, spoke at a dinner at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center. The topic of the evening was "Finding the Higgs: How we got there and what does it mean?". Dr. Rusack outlined the history of discoveries in subatomic particle physics and how this led to the push to discover the Higgs boson, along with current experiments and evidence. 

Our annual fall banquet was held on November 6th. Nathan Thiesfeld from Haldemann-Homme and Jesse Roitenberg from Stratasys gave a join presentation about 3D printing. They brought with them an operational 3D printer for attendees to watch. Each person also left with a small sample model that was printed from a 3D printer. 

We are planning our last event for the year on Thursday April 18. Dr. Teresa DeGolier and Dr. Trey Maddox will report on their collaborative research investigating the chemical and /or biological agents responsible for inducing contractions in isolated strips of mouse uterine tissue. Dr. DeGolier's physiology lab has been demonstrating how the roots and rhizomes of the plant Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictoiides) contract uterine tissues in a dose-dependent manner. These results are consistent with what mid-wives report in promoting labor. Dr. Maddox's organic chemistry lab has been isolating the proposed active ingredients of blue cohosh, making them available for further physiological investigations on what agents of blue cohosh are responsible for inducing the uterine contraction. 
National Convention Attendance  Andreas Copan, Sarah Greteman-Leo, Curtis Heyda, Joshua Wolfe, and Bob Kistler
National Convention Presentations  Four Bethel Sigma Zeta student members attended the spring convention at Millikin University: Andreas Copan presented "Geometry Optimization with Effective Fragments", Sarah Greteman-Leo presented "Predicting the Optical Rotation of Solvated Chiral Molecules via Incorporation of Explicit Solvent Effects", Curtis Heyda presented "How Many Colours are Enough?", and Joshua Wolfe presented "Mutagenic Effect of Finasteride (Proscar ) on Human Cultured Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes using Sister Chromatid Exchange". They were accompanied by Dr. Bob Kistler.
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  Bethel University was awarded the Founder's Cup award at the 2012 convention. 

David Collins was selected for the Best Poster award at the 2012 convention.

Date Submitted

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 16:08

Academic Year of Annual Report


Chapter Name  Beta Xi
School Name  University of Pikeville
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings  Our chapter has monthly meetings during which we discuss previous events and upcoming events. Members are also encouraged to attend the Biology Club meetings that are scheduled every 2 weeks. The majority of Sigma Zeta members are part of the Biology Club as well, so when appropriate, we have meetings that discuss both clubs events.
Chapter Activities

We encouraged students to attend the annual goggle dying party where freshman and upper-class students can intermingle and get to know one another. At this party, students can purchase or bring their own goggles and dye them different colors while eating pizza. This is just a fun, relaxed party where students can enjoy being around others that have common interests.

Some members volunteered at the Remote Area Medical (RAM) free health clinic that was held in September in Pikeville, Ky. Some members volunteered at the registration table, and some students actually got to “shadow” and interact directly with the doctors and patients.

Many members assisted in helping run the largest fundraiser on campus, the annual Haunted Lab. Students and professors spent three nights before Halloween decorating the Armington Science Center, and then allowing visitors in that want a good scare! The haunted house includes mad scientists, deranged experiments, creepy specimens, and lots of screaming!

Another large event held at the University of Pikeville was the Science Olympiad competition in March. The majority of Beta Xi members volunteered, either running events for students, proctoring exams, running concessions, or even having the honor of passing out awards during the closing ceremony. Most members volunteered from beginning to end.

Early in the month of March, we had our annual induction ceremony for new members. Old members were also strongly encouraged to attend and support the new members. We had a formal induction ceremony for the 17 new members, and following that we enjoyed some pizza, cheese trays, and other finger foods. The students enjoyed mingling and talking about future plans and ambitions. After the ceremony, we also were able to elect next year’s officers for our Beta Xi chapter.

Last October, Beta Xi hosted an educational day for the Pike County Talented and Gifted Program. Students from elementary schools in the area were able to come and learn concepts about Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Some events Beta Xi hosted were: building foam rockets with rubber bands while discussing force and elasticity, creating alum crystal figurines while talking about supersaturated solutions and kinetics, and extracting DNA from their cheek cells using electrolyte solution, and detergent to lyse the cells, and an alcohol to separate the DNA from the solution. We also found some owl pellet for last minute dissections. We are discussing having the 2nd annual educational day for the local students. They, as well as Beta Xi members, really enjoyed this activity last year. The program coordinator said the kids had a blast and they “couldn’t wait until next time.” We are beginning to look into different labs we could do with them this year, and what they might be interested in doing as well.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition We have many senior members graduating with honors this May. We are delighted to say that many senior members have been accepted to medical and pharmacy schools. We also are proud of Tyler for all of his hard work and dedication to his research.

National Convention Attendance   

National Convention Attendance Last Year’s Convention Attendance (2012)

• William “Billy” Dempsey – President
• Eric Verlon Taylor – Vice President
• Stephanie Blair - member
• Christian Tyler Marcum - member
• Chris Stumbo – member
• Olivia Holbrook – nonmember
• Josh Salyers – member
• Lauren Taylor Mullins – member
• Elizabeth Harp - member
• Colton Bentley – member
• Bernadine Cochran – advisor/professor of mathematics
• Mike Holcomb – professor of mathematics
• Rafal Grudzien – professor of chemistry

Four Beta Xi members of Sigma Zeta are planning to attend the national convention in 2013.

National Convention Presentations   We have one young man who did research this summer, but has decided not to present at this year’s national convention. At last year’s convention. Stephanie Blair presented her undergraduate research, Peromyscus ectoparasite load in Kentucky forest sites
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions   At a previous convention, an alumnus Miranda Elswick was honored with a chapter award.