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Date Submitted Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 12:40
Academic Year of Annual Report 2017-2018
Chapter Name Alpha Phi
School Name Marist College
Contact Email Address [email protected]



  Date Submitted Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 19:46
Academic Year of Annual Report 2017-2018
Chapter Name Beta Iota
School Name Bethel University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings The committee that consists of student officers and faculty advisors meets either biweekly or monthly depending on the upcoming events.
Chapter Activities Spring 2017 Speakers with Dessert, May 2:
We enjoyed an evening of chocolate fondue and Sigma Zeta member research reports. Kat Estrada, Aeli Olson, Zack Peterson, Luke Arrend, Carrie Bell, and Mackenzie Theis presented brief descriptions of their undergraduate research. We handed out Sigma Zeta medallions to our spring 2017 graduates.
Fall 2017 Clubs Fair, September 13:
During an early week of school in the fall we participated in Bethel’s Clubs Fair. We displayed a poster with information about Sigma Zeta and last year’s activities for potential new members to see. A Sigma Zeta officer or advisor was always present to answer questions.
Fall 2017 Banquet, October 26:
We held our Sigma Zeta Fall Banquet on Thursday, October 26, at 6:00 pm in the Eastlund Room. Our speaker was Dr. Brandon Winters, Bethel Chemistry professor. He spoke about the journey that led him to a career in Chemistry and also described the research he does in conjunction with Medtronic. We recognized new members and fall graduates. This banquet provided a great time of camaraderie between the different science disciplines and an opportunity for students to interact with experts from industry.
Minnesota Science Museum and Omnitheater Visit, January 19:
A group of student members and 2 faculty visited the Minnesota Science Museum on a Friday evening in January. We had about 2 hours to roam the museum displays and then enjoyed “Wolves” at the Omnitheater. They have special discount rates for students on Friday evenings.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  
National Convention Attendance We have a group of two students and two faculty attending the spring 2018 convention. Kelly Chies and Zack Peterson are presenting. They will be accompanied by Dr. Bob Kistler and Prof. Rebecca Seaberg.
National Convention Presentations Kelly Chies, Poster, “Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution and Directing Effects”
Zack Peterson, Oral, “NBCe1 Mutations, Function, and Trafficking”



Date Submitted Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 18:48
Academic Year of Annual Report 2017-2018
Chapter Name Gamma Eta
School Name Marian University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings In the fall of every new academic year, we have a mandatory induction ceremony for the new class of inducted members. At these ceremonies, we have a great turnout with at least 85% of the chapter members attending. At the conclusion of each semester, we have a “celebration” meeting, which is mostly a social event, but also a time to reflect on the successes of the chapter that semester as well as ways to improve in the upcoming semester. The spring semester brings a mandatory orientation meeting. At this meeting, we go over the event and speaker opportunities of the semester and reminders for the semester, stressing the importance of participation in the events that Sigma Zeta holds. This again is another time to socialize with the chapter members. We believe that this is an important opportunity for success of the society as a whole so that we go into events as a team, rather than isolated individual members. All events that are held in this nature always have a component that is “fun.” Most events have food and drinks and other bonding activities.We also have officer meetings, approximately once a month (dependent on the time of year and what there is to plan, such as meeting agendas, officer elections, and event planning). Here, the 5 officers meet with our advisors.
Chapter Activities Many Gamma Eta chapter members judged at the Central Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair (CIRSEF) which is held at Marian University annually. This includes a weekend of K-5 students and 6-12 students presenting their research posters. To further promote science in our community, we volunteered at Celebrate Science Indiana (CSI) which is Indiana’s premier science festival. There students, children, and their parents flock from around the state to learn more about science. We partnered with Marian University’s student led group, Students for Sustainable Stewardship, for days of invasive species removal and clean up at Marian University’s Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab, which is an area of 55 acre natural area on campus where environmental restoration began 100 years ago and continues today with the help of students, faculty, and the general public. We have had presentations from the Director of Enrollment Management at MU-COM, tours of MU-COM, as well as lectures on the differences between DO and MD medical school educations. We also had a representative from KY-COM, from Pikeville Osteopathic Medical School, come and speak to prospective students as they prepare to take their MCATs and apply in the upcoming year, in partnership with Pre-SOMA. We also partnered with Marian University’s Chapter of College Mentors for Kids to interact with the children from Holy Angels School, teaching them about different science topics. We promoted our individual chapter through various activities such as the following: White Coat Mixer, Induction Ceremony and Call Out Meeting, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Social, End of the Year Celebration, and the Chemistry of Beer Making.
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition Chapter President Paige Swan serves as the National Student Representative for the National Chapter of Sigma Zeta.
Members Paige Swan, Luke Elsener, Bianca Stockmeier, Kegan Main, Aidan Washer, Baylen Shoemaker, Marek Lisek, and Ruthann Gorrell received Sigma Zeta Research awards of varying amounts.
National Convention Attendance This year we have two advisors (Dr. Joyce Horton and Professor Steve Dougherty) and 12 members attending the National Convention, 8 of which are current officers or “shadowing” officers that will assume their full duties in the fall of 2018. Those attending are Bianca Stockmeier, Paige Swan, Adam Lesniak, Kevin Hammond, Victoria Yagodinski, Maria Farmer, Ruthann Gorrell, Aidan Washer, Kegan Main, Kristen Buss, and Jonas Smith.
National Convention Presentations At this convention (2018) we will have Kevin Hammond, Adam Lesniak, Victoria Yagodinski, Kegan Main, Aidan Washer, Bianca Stockmeier, and Paige Swan presenting posters. Ruthann Gorrell will be performing an oral presentation as well.
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions Members Paige Swan, Luke Elsener, Bianca Stockmeier, Kegan Main, Aidan Washer, Baylen Shoemaker, Marek Lisek, and Ruthann Gorrell received Sigma Zeta Research awards of varying amounts.
Chapter President Paige Swan serves as the National Student Representative for the National Chapter of Sigma Zeta.



 Date Submitted Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 16:16
Academic Year of Annual Report 2017-2018
Chapter Name Beta Xi 
School Name University of Pikeville
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Plan monthly meetings to discuss recruitment, induction and future projects. 
Chapter Activities We have maintained our numbers from last year. Our newer members seem excited for next year to plan activities. Many of our chapter members are planning on volunteering in the local Sience Olympiad. Many of our members are now studying for the MCAT, PCAT and other various entrance exams for professional schools. We are planning on setting up prep days near the end of March to steer our members in the right direction for study tips and further test prep. Most of our members are avidly volunteering their time at hospitals, nursing homes and mission trips. 
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Around ten members and potential members have applied for grants over the summer to do research.

Many of our members will be applying to medical school this semester and we hope to report nothing but good news for these students. 



Date Submitted Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 11:51
Academic Year of Annual Report 2017-2018
Chapter Name Gamma Gamma
School Name Concordia College - Moorhead
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings Meetings occurred as needed for planning of events for Sigma Zeta nationally or as a local chapter for the student body at Concordia. If meetings were not needed more regularly, meetings occurred with the local officers bi-weekly to discuss upcoming events, national conventions, and other Sigma Zeta matters.
Chapter Activities Spring 2018:

Partnered with other campus organizations and participated in the campus Student Science Week by selling carnations and candy for Valentine's Day and hosting a yoga event to raise money for Maasai Girls' School in Tanzania, Africa.

Partnered with another campus organization to host a volleyball tournament on campus to raise money for Operation Smile, a nonprofit that raises money for children born with a cleft lip.

Partnered with another campus organization to host a dodgeball tournament for the student body. 
Chapter/Member Accomplishments, Awards, Recognition  Within the past year, our chapter has inducted 15 new members.
National Convention Attendance  At the 2017 National Convention, Gamma Gamma was represented with 18 members. For the coming 2018 National Convention, 12 members will be in attendance.
National Convention Presentations  16 members from the Gamma Gamma chapter presented at the 2017 National Convention and 8 members will be presenting at the upcoming 2018 National Convention.
National Awards, Accomplishments, or Recognitions  At the national convention in 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Gamma Gamma was awarded with National Champions. Also, Gamma Gamma was awarded with the Founders' Cup Award at the 2017 National Convention.



Date Submitted Monday, April 30, 2018 - 08:19
Academic Year of Annual Report 2017-2018
Chapter Name Gamma Pi
School Name Warner University
Contact Email Address [email protected]
Chapter Meetings 2-08-18
Chapter Activities Induction of 8 new members to the Gamma Pi chapter.
Efforts were made to host a "Swabbing Event" to raise awareness and recruit bone marrow donors to treat leukemia, but discussion with the organizing body (DKMS) led to postponement of this event until the next academic year