Founders Cup Applications 2015


Gamma Gamma 
Dr. Joseph Whittaker 
[email protected]

We have on average two meetings a month. At these meetings we have the 4 officers there and all other members are invited. If our event is partnered with others, the members of the other organization are also present.

We put on a Volleyball tournament as part of a fundraiser to raise money for the MaaSae girl's school in Tanzania, Africa. We have many students visit this school, and these girls are very interested in the sciences. The money we raised was going towards buying new science textbooks and equipment. In April we also have partnered with another science organization and made a Relay for Life team, where we will be raising money to donate towards research towards cancer. Many of our members go to local elementary schools as part of an outreach program to promote the sciences by showing interesting demos and teaching lessons.

We have worked with other organizations on campus, both within the sciences and outside the sciences, to help establish and promote our events. Other groups have contacted us and asked for us to be involved, based on our past successful events and organization abilities.

We put on an event involving missionary medicine doctors coming to campus and talking to us about their experiences and the differences in how medicine is practiced between countries. We had a Biology graduate student, Tyler Koep, come and speak about the application process and his experiences in grad school. Coming up in April we have partnered with another organization to have a healthcare reform panel discussion, where we will have a doctor, social worker, and the director of Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance come and speak to our campus to inform us about the healthcare reform.

This year we have 11 different students who have traveled from northern Minnesota to present paper presentations at the National Convention. 

Twice a month we hold a drive for new members. Our officers sit in at a table in our campus center, and answer questions and promote students in the sciences to join.



Silvia Nunez 
[email protected]

Four meetings for club members have been held, and four meetings prior to each club meeting only for officers.
Club meetings are filled with information for the club members about activities to come and from any feedback they may have for us.
Officer meetings, we plan events and/or coordinate the events that are coming, also we coordinate events with other science clubs on campus to promote unity between the clubs and to bring more events, guest speakers and opportunities to benefit from.

National Black Awareness AIDS/HIV testing in partnership with San Antonio AIDS Foundation
Elementary Science Demonstration; Engaging kids in science (ages pre-k to 5th grade) (Volunteer)
Fundraiser of a Valentine's Day themed basket
Fundraiser of Henna Tattoo's
An upcoming Science Mixer where all science clubs and both science honor societies have a social and sporty event just to celebrate the unity of clubs, end of semester, and a great year.
More activities are scheduled for students in the coming month to provide them with more opportunities to enrich themselves and provide service to the community.

We are recognized at the Student Council Meetings as one of the Honor Societies that are the active around campus and providing different and important opportunities to our members this year.

A tour to the Texas BioMedical Institute of San Antonio
Dr. Linda Shield editor of "Nurses and Midwives in Nazi Germany: The "Euthanasia Program"
Medical School outside of the US (UAG Universidad Autonoma de Guadalaja; Mexico)
Kaplan guest speaker to provide opportunities on tests taking, and advice
Army Guest to provide opportunities for undergraduates and/or graduate candidates
Princeton Review guest speaker to provide opportunities on test taking, and advice
Jump-Start Program coordinator as guest speaker for informational
GRE test taking skills by one of our own, Dr. Gomez from the Psychology Department

Bring different ideas such as job opportunities that students might be interested in, use their feedback on what they would like to see around campus at the beginning of the semester and/or school year, bring unity between science clubs to make a bigger impact on the importance of cohesiveness and the STEM fields
National members are eleven for this year with two presenters.
Both presenters are doing their research with OLLU faculty.
Officer Report submitted

Dr. Jim Peters 
[email protected]

1) We have had 7 meetings thus far and have one remaining (Initiation) for a total of 8 in the 2014-15 school year
2) During each meeting we discuss old and new business and allow students to give a presentation on their research or something that interests them in the sciences and mathematics. These presentations range from senior thesis research to explanations of past internship experiences
3) At one meeting we brought food to share
4) Each semester, we also conduct one initiation ceremony

The following are the dates of our meetings this school year

10-30-14 (Potluck)
11-17-14 (Initiation)
4-13-15 (Initiation)

1) Conducted science demos at the Hillsdale Renaissance School, which is a local high school for at-risk students
2) Partnered with Beta Beta Beta (biology honorary) to have a bonfire event
3) Initiated 17 new members on 11-17-14
4) Anticipate initiating about 14-18 new members on 4-13-15
5) We currently have 57 members in the Alpha Psi chapter of Sigma Zeta
6) Partnering with Beta Beta Beta to have a picnic event near the end of April

1) Bringing in speaker Jennifer Thompson (Heinz Co.) in April
2) Members have traveled across the country for research and internships over the holiday/summer breaks; for example,
A) Computer programming in China Lake, California (Naval Air Weapons Station)
B) Great Lakes Management at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
C) Actuarial work in Maumee, Ohio 

Research Presentations at Meetings (the following are the presentations given thus far this school year)

1) "Water Budget Model for the Upper Great Lakes" - Mitch Irmer
2) "Synthesis of a Quinoline Compound with Two Nitrogen Centers" - Julie Finke
3) "Comparison of the CRISPR/Cas System and Traditional Restriction Endonucleases" - Annie Teigen
4) "A Review of 'Camouflage and Misdirection: the Full-On Assault of Ebola Virus Disease'" - Brooke Baker
5) "Financial Planning and Analysis: Redesigning a Bonus System" - Noah Bader
6) "Developments in Robotics" - Markie Zimmer
7) "Direct Energy Weapons: the Rail Gun" - Mitch Irmer
8) "A Review of 'Studies on Natural Desmutagens: Screening for Vegetable & Fruit Factors Active in Inactivation of Mutagenic Pyrolysis Products From Amino Acids'" - Codi Jo Broten
9) "Data Fusion in the US Navy's LRASM Project" - Caleb Bowers

Students: Alexis Haley, Codi Jo Broten, Mikalah Smith, Anna Teigen, Mitchell Irmer, and Matthew Hastreiter

Faculty: Dr. Jim Peters, Dr. Paul Hosmer

Annie Teigen will present "Comparison of the CRISPR/Cas System and Traditional Restriction Endonucleases"
We have sent in the annual chapter report along with the chapter officers form

1) Partnered with Beta Beta Beta (biology honorary) to have a bonfire event
2) Partnering with Beta Beta Beta to have a picnic event near the end of April

Partnering with Beta Beta Beta to bring in speaker Jennifer Thompson (Heinz Co.) in April