Sigma Zeta New Member Report and Certificate Order Form

Instructions for Electronic Submission of New Member Report and Certificate Order Form

Use to order New Member Certificates and Submit List of New Members

Chapter Official:  List the names of new Sigma Zeta members on the linked spread sheet   The names are to be in alphabetical order by last name.  Carefully enter the information AS YOU WISH IT TO APPEAR ON THE CERTIFICATES.  Do not adjust font or spacing.  The information on the spread sheet will be imported as is into the template that creates the certificates.  Please save the spreadsheet with new member information as: ChapterName_Year_Month. (for example: BetaGamma_07_09).  Keep a copy for your chapter's records.

NEW MEMBER REPORT FORM SPREADSHEET (Download and use Excel to fill in the spreadsheet.)

Complete the form below and attach your New Member Excel file and submit.

By U.S. mail send the $35 national membership fee for each student (a single check is preferred for the combined total made out to: McKendree University; Sigma Zeta National/ChapterName on the memo line):

Dr. Robb VanPutte
Sigma Zeta National Office
McKendree University
701 College Road
Lebanon, Il, 62254

Upon receipt of the electronic form and payment for the membership fee, membership certificates will be mailed to your chapter.

Sample Spreadsheet

Chapter First Name Middle Name Last Name Title Status Year Day Month
Chapter Name   Initial   (Jr., III, Ph.D.) (S=Student, F=Faculty) (4 Digits) (Full Spelling) (Full Spelling)
Beta Gamma Jonathan I. Doe   S 2013 Sixteenth September
Beta Gamma Mary S. Professor   F 2013 Sixteenth September
Should match the number of students listed in your attached spreadsheet below.
Please attach your completed spread sheet here. Click choose file, locate, select your file, and then click the upload button.