Student Representative Nominees

Student Representative: The duties of the Student Representative shall be: (1) to elicit feedback and suggestions from student and alumni members for improvements to the society; (2) to be a full voting member of the Executive Council; and (3) to be able to serve his/her entire one-year term prior to graduation.  Nominations for the Student Representative should be submitted using the Student Representative Nomination Form by March 10 prior to each National Convention.  Voting for the Student Representative will take place by a paper ballot during the Final Convention meeting, with each attending Chapter allowed one vote.

Nominees must be present at the National Convention to be elected to the position and must also be willing and able to attend both the November Officers meeting and the subsequent national convention Executive Council meeting at the end of their term of office the following year.

Student Representative Nomination Form


2019 Nominee Statements


Molly Liggett
Chapter: Gamma Kappa
Southwest Baptist University

Nominee Statement:
I wish to serve as a Student Representative to the Executive Council of Sigma Zeta because I want to be a voice for the current and future students of Sigma Zeta. I desire to listen to the opinions of students and be able to correctly relay those to the Executive Council. I believe that my skills, experience, and reputation for excellence can greatly enhance the already impressive work of Sigma Zeta. It would truly be an honor to serve in this capacity.

I am the vice president of my local Sigma Zeta chapter. We coordinate different events to allow students to be involved and want to further the awareness of science and mathematical higher education. Recruiting new members is a goal of mine, and I find the opportunity to bring up Sigma Zeta involvement to younger science and math students because I know the impact it has had on me. It has been a wonderful place for new community, research opportunities, and has allowed me to further my education. This year will be my first year attending the National Convention and I am eager to learn about the research that was conducted by my fellow peers and also see more of Sigma Zeta in action on a national level. Serving the Executive Council would allow me be of service to the students of Sigma Zeta.

Arlene Lopez
Chapter: Sigma
Our Lady of the Lake University

Nominee Statement:
1. I am very grateful for Sigma Zeta because it provides an academic honor society to campuses like mine, giving students the opportunity to be a part of something greater. I went to a small high school, and I was excited that my university also has a small campus, but I recognize that it can be difficult to maintain organizations like Sigma Zeta because there aren’t as many students who are willing or able to participate. The fact that Sigma Zeta allows students from the sciences and mathematics to come together and participate as a collective is something that I’ve never been a part of before. I was attracted to the organization because of how well the students and faculty from different departments are able to work together. I decided that I wanted to become even more involved and run for Student Representative. I have a passion for service and I want to serve fellow members by acting as their line of communication not only between chapters but between the students and the Executive Council. The students are the heart of Sigma Zeta and I want to make sure that they feel that their opinions and ideas are considered in the decision-making process of the organization.

I have previous leadership experience as the State Secretary for Texas HOSA Future Health Professionals, a position that I held during my senior year of high school. Some of my roles where to attend officer meetings, help with Area Leadership Conferences, and plan the annual State Leadership Conference. I am a Resident Assistant at my university where I serve as a student leader on campus. Part of my role as a Resident Assistant is to lead by example, and so I try to make sure that I am a role model for my fellow students and work to serve them as best I can. I am also the treasurer for my campus Lions Club, a service organization that focuses on providing service opportunities to our members and encourages volunteerism. Lastly, I am a part of the Joint Admissions Medical Program (JAMP) which grants me conditional acceptance into a Texas medical school as well as MCAT prep and summer internships. This past summer I was able to complete my internship at Baylor College of Medicine. The internship consisted of an Anatomy and Physiology course taught by the professors at Baylor and a clinical preceptorship at Ben Taub Hospital in the Nephrology Department.

On top of this, I have made the Dean’s List every semester that I’ve been attending Our Lady of the Lake University. My ability to succeed academically while involved in several activities is something that I highly value, and that has given me a competitive edge over my peers. I believe that all of my past experiences have provided me with a unique skill set that will help me to thrive if selected as Sigma Zeta Student Representative.

2. I am currently the treasurer for Our Lady of the Lake University’s Sigma Zeta Chapter, and I have participated in field trips to the Texas Biomedical Research Institute and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. This year has been my first as a National Sigma Zeta member and I am very excited to be able to attend the upcoming National Convention where I will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other members from all over the country.

Jackson Miller
Chapter: Rho
University of Indianapolis

Nominee Statement:
As a student who has been a part of Sigma Zeta’s Rho chapter for about a year, I can confidently say I believe in the mission of this organization. After talking with peers, professors, and longtime members of Sigma Zeta, I like what Sigma Zeta stands for. I have had nothing but great experiences, and I feel it is through these experiences I could promote the ideals of the organization, and provide appropriate input from a student’s perspectives. My ability to be comfortable talking to people will help me bring forward student’s ideas, and help me develop professional skills for my long term career goals as well.

Although I have not and currently do not hold a position in our local Sigma Zeta Chapter, I feel I still have enough experience with Sigma Zeta itself. One of the major involvements being that I and two other members applied for funding for our research, and were given a grant for our future work. We are presenting at this upcoming National Convention and are excited as it is a first for all of us. Not only that, but I am also a part of a very active chapter, where both of the faculty advisors have been National president for a total of three different terms. So I will have the guidance and resources necessary to serve this Organization appropriately and with a purpose.


Previous Years Nominee Statements


2018 Nominee Statement

Tabitha Garcia
Our Lady of the Lake University
I would like to serve the students of Sigma Zeta by voicing their ideas and suggestions on how to improve this wonderful community by representing them in the Executive Council. I understand the importance of evaluating challenges and proposals for the benefit of the students. I am also prepared to express the concerns and input of the student members. I am submitting this nomination because I know that I can fulfill and exceed the responsibilities and duties required of this position. I want to play a bigger role in helping to shape this community which consists of this nation’s emerging scholars, innovators, and leaders. I would be grateful for the opportunity to serve this community that has recognized my academic achievements and that supports countless others in their journey towards higher science and mathematics education.

While I do not hold any officer positions in Sigma Zeta I have had leadership roles and experiences in other clubs and organizations. I was Secretary of the Chemistry Club at Our Lady of the Lake University. I founded a STEM club at my high school. I served as its first president and that same year we received a robotics grant that opened the doors to a robotics team and hosting numerous state-wide competitions. My strong work ethic has allowed me to achieve dean’s list every semester of my undergraduate career and to be invited to join Alpha Chi National College Honor Society. I will be attending the Sigma Zeta National Convention in March where I expect to gain valuable experience and insight into how Sigma Zeta operates on a national scale. If selected I would work to diligently serve students who are the backbone of this community.