Convention Reports: 2019 Founder's Cup Committee Report

Founder's Cup
Steve Dougherty
[email protected]

We would like to thank the members of the committee for their time in deciding this year's winner of the Founder's Cup.

Two chapters applied for the Founder's Cup. They are the Rho chapter from the University of Indianapolis and the Gamma Gamma chapter from Concordia College.

The application requires the chapters to document their activity on both the local level and the national level. There are 5 criteria for determining the level of local activity. They are:
1. Local meetings, that is, the number and quality
2. Local activity, for example, assistance with science fairs, competitions, service to the community and social activities
3. Recognition from outside groups
4. Utilizing outside resources such as speakers and field trips
5. Innovative ideas useable by other chapters

There are 6 criteria for determining the level of national activity. They are:
1. Attendance at the National Convention
2. Paper presentation at the National Convention, that is, quality and quantity
3. Cooperation with the National Chapter. For example, answering mail and sending in reports
4. Recruitment of new chapters
5. Promotion of inter-chapter activities
6. Cooperation with other chapters

In an effort to be impartial, a rubric was created to quantify the chapters' performance on each of the criteria. For each criterion, zero points were awarded for the lack of evidence of activity, one point was awarded for a minimal level of evidence, two points were awarded for a moderate level of evidence, and three points were awarded for high level of evidence.

Both chapters scored very well, but there was a clear winner. The winner's activities are too numerous to mention, but here are some highlights that impressed the committee:
1. They delivered handmade ceramic pots with plants and wrote supportive thoughts on cards to a women's clinic.
2. They made Valentine cards and delivered them to a senior living community.
3. They raised a large sum of money and donated the money to the Maasai Girl's school in Tanzania.
4. They partnered with their school's science outreach program.
5. They reached out to female students from grades 7-9 to aid in developing an interest in science and mathematics.
6. They hosted a day long science event for underrepresented minorities.

In conclusion, the committee would like to extend its hardiest congratulations to the winner of the 2019 Founder's Cup - The Gamma Gamma chapter from Concordia College.