Convention Reports: 2019 Resolutions Committee

Graeme Wyllie
[email protected]

Getsemani Arteaga
Megan Desrosiers 
Angel Soto-Lozada
Greg Fritjofson
Jackson Miller
Christopher Jones
Rachel Hurrell
Abbie Reeves
Thomas Nelson
Emily Raven
Millie Sostarec
Hannah Sproull
Brooklynn Scherer
Alexis Hart
Jillian Jones
Sean McKinney 
Erik Melekh
Dillan Raines
Maddie Crabtree 
Sam Haley 
Lexi Guttormson 

The resolution committee met on several occasions and developed the following resolutions which were presented at the close of business meeting at the 2019 Nation Convention

• We resolve that every field trip, not just the hiking must incorporate snow, sleet and half an inch of mud
• We resolve to change our mind on the previous statement and resolve that every field trip from now on is to a desert (or Hawai)
• We resolve to admit the inevitable and accept everything will be running 30 minutes behind schedule
• We resolve that every convention from this one will include the vital field trip option of a nap!
• We resolve that like this committee, we should have a better gender representation in people talking
• We resolve that to prevent endless question time on talks, every single person’s phone alarm should go off at the same time
• We resolve that it should not count as a wet bar if no-one spills anything
• We resolve that every sigma zeta vehicle is exempt from highway tolls. We pay to go through Indiana – WHY? 
• We resolve that every street name in your neighborhood be spellchecked – some are just weird and missing letters…
• We resolve that every other student bailing at the last minute be forbidden. Everyone should have the experience of spending 8 – 16 hours in a vehicle with professors…
• We resolve that every banquet from now require the noisiest clinkiest glassware because who needs to hear the speaker?
• We resolve that if it’s called a water jug, it’s water and not 99.99% ice
• We resolve that if we cannot find poster backing boards, executive committee members are acceptable substitutes and we will use LOTS of staples.

Finally, We resolve that a special thanks is given to Malone University and the Alpha Gamma Chapter for hosting a wonderful 2019 national convention

Resolutions were presented at the closing meeting