Convention Reports: 2019 National Service Project Committee

National Service Project
Bernadine Cochran, Joe Whittaker
[email protected]

Elizabeth Gallo
Scott Couper
Kristen Buss
Htoo Thu
Julia O'Malley
Matt Collins
Megan Hay
Madeleine Leger
Breanne Freeman
Jesse Mojeske
Jana Garrow
Faith James
Abby Swenson
Karina Cuate
Dyllan Weelborg
Julianna Franzino
Maggie Graham
Liv Overby
Sofia Palme
Tanner Wilson
Logan Galbraith 
Olivia Goldinger
Katia Marie Gresh
Elise Farley

The proposal for the 2019 National Service Project is as follows:

Sigma Zeta stands in the unique position of being the connective bond between all sciences, natural, computational, and mathematical. Insofar as it maintains this status, it should seek to fulfil a twofold purpose, namely to promote community between disciplines and to disseminate scientific information in an ethical and accessible manner both to other scientists and the larger global community. This year’s National Service Project seeks to pull these purposes out of the abstract and place them into the realm of actionable reality. It is no longer feasible to make broad prescriptive statements of intention when so many people in our world suffer at the hands of ignorance and misinformation, and so we are going to ask every chapter to participate actively in our goal to educate. Active members have been given the opportunity to study the intricate truths of science, and have proven themselves quite capable in their individual fields of study. As such, they have a the precious ability to find the connections between their work and the work of others, and can teach the truth to those that most need it. With this in mind, we ask this of all the chapters: find a way to promote scientific literacy both on your campus and in your community. Ask around for the topics people do not understand, and band together within Sigma Zeta and between other honoraries and scientific societies to answer these questions and fight ignorance with truth and compassion. Get into your local schools and do science fairs with the kids, partner with local hospitals to provide information to patients and volunteer hours, search for the strengths in your chapter and use those internal strengths to strengthen the human family with knowledge. We can push back against ignorance if Sigma Zeta members get on the ground and teach with their fellow scientists.