Presentation of Student Papers

The following recommendations concerning the presentation of student papers at national conventions of Sigma Zeta were passed by the Thirtieth Annual Convention in Decatur, Illinois. Revisions have been made pending approval at the 1999 Annual Convention

1. The papers that are presented should be based on work done in association with an undergraduate degree. Graduate students should seek other venues for presenting their research.

2. The title and abstract, signed by the author and a faculty member, must be submitted in both electronic and hard copy when called for the host chapter. This will be approximately 30 days before the national meeting and will allow abstracts to be posted on the host chapter’s web page. A list of all audio-visual equipment needed for the presentation must accompany the abstract. The title, abstract (electronic and hard copy), and photograph of the presenter must be sent to the Publicist. The photo can be sent in electronic form or via mail. It must be sent to the Publicist for inclusion in the Journal.

3. Each student must present his/her own paper unless handicapped by illness or disaster. In such instances, the paper will be read by an individual from the student’s local chapter and the abstract will be published. If the paper is a joint paper, either author may present the paper.

4. The paper should show some degree of originality and preferably should involve experimentation, or it should be creative in nature or involve a new approach.

5*. Each person may present only one paper at a meeting.

6. Publication of the abstract in the Sigma Zetan will depend on:

a. Length of abstract (not to exceed 250-300 words)

b. Originality

c. Cooperation with the editor

7. A list of these recommendations should be sent to chapters both in the spring and in the fall along with the other materials that go to chapters.

8. The permanent address of the author should be attached to the abstract. The editor will send a copy of the Sigma Zetan to each author.

9. Details such as grammar, other aspects of writing, and selection of suitable papers are the responsibility of the local chapter. Previous presentation before the local chapter is recommended.

10*. Orally presented papers (as opposed to poster sessions) should be limited to a maximum of 20 minutes including the question/answer period.

*Exceptions may be authorized by the host chapter.