Convention Reports: 2017 Awards and Presentations Committees

Harold Wilkinson Alumni Recognition Award

No applications were submitted in 2017 for the Alumni Recognition Award.

Honors Awards

Four Chapter Honor Awards were presented at the 2017 Convention.

Anna Johnson,  2017 Alpha Gamma Chapter Honor Award
Jessica Watson,  2017 Gamma Gamma Chapter Honor Award
Cheyenne Stienbarger,  2017 Beta Eta Chapter Honor Award
Aaron Smith,  2017 Gamma Eta Chapter Honor Award

Presentation Awards

Best Poster Awards:

Committee Members: Amy Dykstra - Beta Iota, Lisa Beltz - Alpha Gamma
Committee Report: There were many excellent posters.Two awards were given for best poster:
Alexander Cardascio et al., Pi Chapter - The effects of late transition metal nanoparticles on the formation of carbonic acid
Luke Arend and Caroline Bell, Beta Iota Chapter - Different memory functions and micronutrients in the rodent hippocampus

Best Presentation Award:

Committee Members:

Committee Report: 

Katherine Cappel, Alpha Beta 2017 Best Presentation Award - Bat Call Monitoring Study and Discrimination Between Species in Taylor County, Kentucky