2012 Sigma Zeta Student Research Awards

Congratulations to six Sigma Zeta members, recipients of 2012 Sigma Zeta Student Research Awards.

Sigma Zeta icon Megan Birchmeier, Rho
Expression of the Anthocyanidin Synthase Gene During Gender Transition of Flowers of Protandrous Saponaria officinalis
Sigma Zeta icon Brandi Bonfert, Alpha Gamma
Analysis of Effects of Environmental Factors on Sf9 Cell Growth and Baculoviral Infection Rates
Sigma Zeta icon Robert Buch, Alpha Gamma
Growth and Morphological Effects of Varied Culture Conditions on Sf9 Cells
Sigma Zeta icon Kyle Fulghum, Beta Eta
The Effect of Molecular Branching on specific Rotation in Isomers of Alcohols: Separation of Racemic Alcohols into Pure Enantiomers
Sigma Zeta icon Andrew Rearick, Alpha Gamma
Analysis of Apoptosis Induction by UV Light in Sf9 cells
Sigma Zeta icon Cody Smith, Pi
Novel Solvent Bar Microextraction of Acetaminophen and Azithromycin from Water

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2011 Research Awards Recipients

Sigma Zeta iconChristina Nowicki, Bethel University, The Effect of Aspartame on Integrin-Mediated Cell Adhesion to the Extracellular Matrix in Human Kidney Epithelial Cells

Sigma Zeta icon

Madeline Knott, Millikin University, Differential Avian Immune Response in Illinois Feeder Birds


Sigma Zeta iconKelly Commons, Millikin University, How does wild bird feeding affect the wild bird community?



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