Convention Reports: 2017 Web Committee

Committee Members: Bob Kistler, Taylor Uccello, Whitney Gray, Trey Shupp, Chris Knoth, Kimberly-Megan Kue, Cameron Dodge, Josiah Lentz, Carlos Barajas, Monique Davis, Michelle Davis, Caitlin Behme, Aubree King, Katherine Cappel, Elise Slevin, Greta Knefelkamp, Amelia Amon, Chloe Whitten, Dani Braund


What are the Positives of the Current Website?

1. The Sigma Zeta web site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

2. Forms for Presentations, Registration, and Research Grants are easy to find and use.

3. The images on the site from the front page to the convention photo archive effectively portray what happens in Sigma Zeta and recognize events and people, like award winners.

4. The site is mostly pretty mobile friendly.

5. Important information for chapters to use locally is helpful, complete, and easy to locate on the site


What are some ways the the website could be enhanced to help to serve members and chapters better?

1.  The tabs are hard to see and so a horizontal menu might make areas easier to find.

2.  The home page could use a bit more pizzaz with color, images, etc  

3.  More images and images that change like slide shows or rotating images. 

4.  Use of “teaser” “news” text to be less wordy on the home page 

5.  The incorporation of a simple way to order and pay (credit cards) might increase sales of merchandise, etc.


How can we increase communication with, within, and between chapters?

1. To help meet deadlines, timely reminders for upcoming due dates, for example for research grant proposal and report, convention registration and presentation abstracts, would be very helpful .

2.  To help increase the accessibility with less scrolling,, important resources and information  could be placed in a wider information block located above the more dense lower informational columns

3. To help promote local and national chapter involvement, more consistent and more frequent brief communications from the National Chapter could be very beneficial.

4. To aid in promoting sharing and interaction between local chapter, adding interactive components to the web site, like forums and photo posts might could be helpful.  

5. The web site could serve as a portal to connect chapters for sharing information, ideas, and activities,. Each chapter could own and manage a page of their own, for local, news, upcoming events,  an events calendar, and more.