Convention Reports: 2018 Web Committee

Faculty Committee Chair: Belarmino Gonzalez
Email of contact: [email protected]

List Committee Members

Elijah Phillips - Beta
Himani Patel - Beta
Victoria Gonzalez - Sigma
Janelle Gutierrez - Sigma
Jonas Smith - Gamma Eta
Maria Farmer - Gamma Eta
Brody Deno - Rho
Jordan Greer - Alpha Beta
Chrishten Mason - Gamma Kappa
Cory Edwards - Alpha Gamma
Lauren Barlass - Alpha Psi
Katelyn Parsons - Gamma Gamma
Emma Detloff - Gamma Gamma
Kristen Bricker - Beta Chi
Bronson Warren - Alpha Eta
Hunter Pharis - Beta Eta
Hannah Wycuff - Beta Eta
Ryder Grantham - Beta Eta
Isaac Moor - Beta Eta
Nick Fleece - Beta Eta

Committee Report

1. Modernize

- More pictures from each chapter
- More inviting by updating the site/cosmetic changes
- Make the site more mobile/mobile friendly

2. Organize
- More subcategories/tabs
- Organize chapters by location; list their officers' information for easier collaboration
- place pictures in albums so they are easily accessible

3. Other ideas
- Snapchat filter contest
- incorporate students nationwide to run social media operations
- maybe incorporate new social position/ PR